RAIN RFID  Automated Asset Tracking Solutions Simplifies Costly Manufacturing Process

As one of world’s largest powersports companies, Polaris needed to make sure their production line was as efficient and accurate as possible to meet the growing demand from their adventure-loving customers. They turned to a RAIN RFID solution to automate the manual checks used to validate the count and accuracy of assembly materials moving through the production line. With the new solution, Polaris was able to:

  • Increased vision inspection accuracy by 30%
  • Eliminate manual production identification process, saving over $200,000 per year
  • Decrease inventory management equipment costs by over 40%

Polaris Profile:

Polaris is an international manufacturer of snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, and other vehicles. Serving over 100 countries, this US-based company has almost 12,000 employees worldwide.

Impinj Solution Partner: 

Automated RAIN RFID Asset Management Removes Costly Manual Process for Polaris Plant

Polaris, a major manufacturer of powersports equipment such as snowmobiles and motorcycles, found that its employees were spending valuable time on checks during production.   

Employees were manually scanning and photographing the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) barcodes of each vehicle/product as it was carried by Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) through each station on the assembly line. This process—meant to ensure that all the necessary processes, such as coolant filling or heat plate installation, were completed—left the company open to human error.  

Manual scans of the VIN barcodes ran the risk of missed scans which would then require manual process verification or offline product rework after products had gone through the assembly line. These small errors could potentially cost the company thousands in operational inefficiencies.

Polaris turned to a RAIN RFID solution to address this. Developed by Impinj and Atlas RFID, the RAIN RFID solution supports Polaris' sophisticated manufacturing line by accurately identifying AGVs as they move parts through production. This allows Polaris to ensure key manufacturing processes are complete. Here’s how it works:

  • RAIN RFID tags featuring Impinj Monza 4QT endpoint ICs are affixed to AGVs, which carry unique vehicle frames as they move through each stage of the assembly line.
  • Up to five Impinj R420 readers are affixed at key points in the assembly line, automatically scanning each tag on the AGV associated to a vehicle frame VIN to ensure the processes at those stations were completed successfully.
  • Production workers are notified at the end of the assembly line if a production step was missed.

Using RAIN RFID to increase accuracy and lower cost

> Automated tracking increases production accuracy
With the deployment of the Impinj and Atlas RFID solution, Polaris saw read accuracy increase 30% when compared to the manual barcode scans they previously used. This gave plant workers additional time to focus on other critical functions of the assembly line rather than chasing down production data inaccuracies.

> Real-time data helps Polaris right-size labor costs and reduce manual tasks
By automating the tracking of products during production, it reduced the routine, monotonous tasks employees had to perform. This allowed Polaris to more efficiently resource its labor, resulting in savings of over $200,000 per year.

> RAIN RFID provides efficient, cost-effective solution
The Impinj readers are almost half the cost of handheld manual readers and took only a few days to install and calibrate. This led to a 40% reduction in inventory management costs.



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