Patrizia Pepe Finds Simple, Easy Warehouse Inventory Management with RAIN RFID

To improve  shipping logistics from suppliers to distribution center and retail locations, Patrizia Pepe needed a solution that functioned better than manually scanning the barcode of each retail item. RAIN RFID provided a hands-free, always-on answer to streamlining complicated distribution logistics. Their solution:

  • Improved efficiency for warehouse procedures, increasing goods handled from 200 per hour to 400 per hour
  • Improved accuracy on item distribution
  • Delivered engaging in-store customer experiences

Patrizia Pepe Profile:

Patrizia Pepe, a fashion brand managed by Tessilform Spa, has a presence throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Tessilform runs the Patrizia Pepe 
brand with a business concept that delivers both traditionally scheduled collections, as well as smaller, weekly collections that provide retailers with continuously fresh stock.

Impinj Solution Partner: 

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Making shipping and logistics simple

Fashion moves quickly—one day you’re in, the next day you’re out. To keep up with trends and keep product moving, Patrizia Pepe turned to RAIN RFID to find an efficient, cost-effective way to manage their warehouse inventory.  

Initially, the brand had attempted to use barcodes to accept incoming goods from their production sites, track the movement of items throughout their warehouse, and package goods for distribution to retail locations. But the line-of-sight limitations of barcode reads made warehouse processes too time consuming. A RAIN RFID solution offered a simpler way:

  • Individual items are tagged with Impinj Monza tag chips—in Patrizia Pepe’s case, these RAIN RFID tags sit behind the barcode of their brand label for simultaneous encoding with barcode printing
  • Impinj Speedway readers track item movement as items enter and exit warehouse facilities and at various points throughout the warehouse, allowing Patrizia Pepe to more easily pinpoint the location of goods within their operation
  • Data received by readers is delivered to management who can rectify mistakes quickly, or optimize ordering based on trends

Keeping up with the pace of fast fashion using optimized warehouse operations

  • Faster handling of incoming goods
    For goods entering the warehouse, an operator could handle 180-200 items per hour using a barcode reader; for exiting goods it was just 140 items. With the RAIN RFID system, that’s more than doubled as they have increased their operation rate to 330-400 goods per hour. Better operating efficiency lets Patrizia Pepe move as quickly as trends demand, giving them a competitive, fashionable edge. 
  • Accurate delivery to keep business moving
    RAIN RFID-enabled logistics helped Patrizia Pepe drop delivery errors to zero. Ensuring that the correct products are in the correct stores means inventory will be perfectly matched to target markets, and that customers can find the trendy, in-style pieces they’re looking for.
  • Upgrading the in-store experience with RAIN RFID 
    In expanding their use of RAIN RFID to stores, Patrizia Pepe has started including product information on large screens that can adjust their content displays based on what a customer has in their hands. From garment construction details, to videos of models wearing clothes, to coordinating items or accessories, the customized content drives a unique customer experience, and additional sales opportunities.

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