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How Rent-All Keeps Their Show on the Road with RAIN RFID

Rent-All manages over 260,000 pieces of stage equipment across Europe. Here’s how they track everything automatically with a solution from Aucxis and Impinj.

Keeping track of 260,000 moving parts

The Dutch company Rent-All provides rigging, lighting, and audio and video equipment to theaters, studios, festivals, and fairs throughout Europe. With approximately 260,000 individual rental items located in five distribution centers based in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, registering the movements of rental equipment and materials manually was both time-consuming and prone to error.

The solution from Aucxis and Impinj:

  • Tracks hundreds of thousands of diverse pieces of equipment, from lighting to rigging to screens.
  • Automatically updates data on each asset through its lifespan by attaching a unique ID number to the asset’s description in thier management software, Aucxis middleware HERTZ.
  • Saves money by preventing mistakes and re-shipments.

Automated asset management at dock doors and transition points

Each distribution center dock door is outfitted with a RAIN RFID reader gate containing an Impinj RAIN RFID Speedway reader, for a total of 26 gates across five locations. Each individual asset is tagged with an inlay or label containing a RAIN RFID tag chip, connecting a unique ID number to the asset’s description in Aucxis middleware HERTZ software. 

As items pass through the dock doors, the readers automatically record what is packed and check it against the order. If an error occurs, workers are alerted in time to correct it pre-shipment, reducing the need for expensive returns and re-shipments. This also creates an automatic record of what was shipped to each specific customer, and when. Upon return, an item’s tag is read as it is checked in, registering the status as it is cleaned and checked for damage before being recirculated. 

When Rent-All deployed the Aucxis solution, thousands of items were easily tracked within the warehouse and to their customers:

  • Each warehouse dock door and several transition points are outfitted with an Impinj RAIN RFID Speedway reader
  • Each asset and flight case is tagged with a RAIN RFID tag chip, which varies depending on type of equipment
  • Every RAIN RFID tag connects to a unique ID number, linked to the asset’s description in Aucxis middleware HERTZ software

Theo Van Workum, CEO of Rent-All, explains how a RAIN RFID solution improved their operations
Adding efficiency to processes while automating work history

Saving money with fewer mistakes and happier customers
When a customer received incorrect equipment or didn’t receive their entire order, correcting the mistake was expensive and time-consuming for Rent-All and a frustrating experience for the customer. Using RAIN RFID readers at the dock door sends an immediate notification of any packing errors, ensuring that they are able to get more orders correct the first time and preventing expensive mistakes and bad customer experiences.  

Tracking every asset, throughout its lifespan
Each piece of equipment is labeled with a label or inlay containing a RAIN RFID tag chip upon purchase. This solution not only tracks the location and status of the equipment, it automatically tracks the history and usage, giving Rent-All automatic updates on wear-and-tear and on when the asset is reaching the end of its lifespan.

More accurate than the naked eye 
Individually tracking each piece of equipment helps to reduce confusion between pieces of equipment that look similar even to a trained eye. By automatically differentiating between 25 and 27 centimeter trusses, for example, or types of engine hoists that can be visually similar, this solution can help prevent potentially expensive mix-ups at different transition points.

The right RAIN RFID tag for the right asset 
Rent-All supplies diverse equipment, from TV screens to cables to rigging and lighting, which all have different tagging needs and challenges. This solution allows them flexibility in choosing different RAIN RFID inlays or labels for different assets, allowing them to pick the best type of tag for each individual asset. As technology evolves and they upgrade their equipment, their test gate helps them decide which tag is best for new products, which provides them with independence in maintaining this solution. 

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Thursday, February 18, 2021



Rent-All is a Dutch rental company of rigging, light, audio and video equipment. From their five offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, they supply theater and television studios, fairs and festivals throughout Europe.

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