Hands-Free System Simplifies Datacenter Tracking, Reduces Errors

Cisco Systems needed a solution to reduce errors associated with manually managing and tracking the movement of valuable assets. RFID Global Solution built a system using RAIN RFID technology to automatically track the location of assets which allowed Cisco Systems to gain:

  • Accurate, hands free tracking of IT assets
  • Automatic records of asset movement and inventory counts
  • Delivery of key data and information to asset management system

Cisco Systems Profile:

Cisco Systems is a worldwide leader in networking, communications and collaboration technologies.

Cisco has over 70,000 employees and is the largest networking company in the world.

Impinj Solution Partner:

RFID global solutions


Connecting assets to the internet for easy monitoring

After realizing that employees lacked an understanding of how to correctly move IT assets between locations, Cisco implemented a RAIN RFID system that automatically tracks asset movement and eliminates manual recording processes for more accurate and simplified tracking of equipment:

  • Each blade server, networking equipment and other IT asset receives a RAIN RFID tag with a unique ID number at a central receiving facility before being shipped to its final location
  • Items are checked-in as they move through a RAIN RFID-enabled doorway or are scanned with a handheld device
  • When selecting readers for Cisco’s 28 facilities throughout the United States, RFID Global Solution found that the advanced capabilities of Impinj Speedway readers could better handle the larger doorways that saw heavier traffic of tagged items
  • Relevant location, time-stamps, and item information are delivered to Cisco automatically and are available on-demand


Easy, accurate delivery of assets and information

  • Improve inventory visibility with automated counts and tracking
    By automating counts and location tracking, Cisco gained insights into inventory whereabouts and can guarantee the location and movement of items. Cycle-counts that used to take a few weeks now only take a few hours, resulting in more efficient business processes.
  • Removing human error from the equation
    With automated shipping and receiving verification, errors are reduced.  Assets that should not leave the lab, or need frequent calibration can be easily monitored. Further, automatic alerts let Cisco take immediate action to rectify mistakes, ensuring superior customer service and timely, accurate delivery of IT assets. 

"From a business perspective, the project has been a success, because we now have the ability to find and locate assets a lot faster than ever before. By site, we've cut our cycle-count time down from a few weeks to a few hours. Our employees like it because they can get access to devices quickly for, say, a data-center deployment."

- Maryanne Flynn, Director of Operations at Cisco Systems

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