China Outfitters Boosts Operational Efficiency with Impinj Platform

As global demand for their products increases, China Outfitters needed to find a cost-effective solution that would boost operational efficiency throughout their factories, warehouses, and stores. Barcode technology was too labor-intensive, so in 2017, the company deployed a RAIN RFID solution to boost operational efficiency in its supply chain. As a result, China Outfitters increased operational efficiency 25 times throughout its supply chain.

  • Faster and more precise read of inventory
  • Better customer experience due to faster checkout
  • Improved processing of returned goods
  • Elimination of repacking leading to environmental benefits

China Outfitters Profile:

China Outfitters is a multi-brand, mid- to high-end casual wear retailer. As a clothing retailer operating several internationally renowned brands, China Outfitters covers over 850 retail outlets across China and operates on e-commerce channels globally.

Impinj Solution Partners:


RAIN RFID tracks millions of items for China’s retail leader

With millions of products to manage, China Outfitters needed to make sure their inventory tracking processes—which span several top retail brands—were not slowing them down. By implementing RAIN RFID early in the supply chain, China Outfitters saw efficiency in their warehouse increase. In fact, their warehouse shipment acceptance rate increased 25 times. Making sure all assets are fully accounted for across every retail brand under China Outfitters’ name has made a huge impact on their online and in-store shopping experience.

  • Tags embedded with Impinj Monza R6 endpoint ICs are applied to uniquely identify each inventory item.
  • Impinj Speedway R420 readers are installed at transition points throughout the manufacturing plants and warehouses to track each item by location.
  • Handheld readers embedded with Impinj Indy R2000 scan tagged items in China Outfitters’ retail stores.

Inventory accuracy means greater efficiency, from warehouse to store

  • Inventory tracking starting at the warehouse
    One of China Outfitters warehouses has a maximum daily processing capacity of 600,000 items. After switching to RAIN RFID, inventorying a package of 200 items with 99% accuracy now takes approximately 2 seconds. That’s 50 times the efficiency per product scan!
  • Returns processing made easy
    Before RAIN RFID, China Outfitters processed online returns by having to match the original order to the return order or delivery order information. The return order often had incomplete information that made the matching process inefficient. With RAIN RFID, readers are able to quickly read the EPC code and match with the original order, simplifying the return process.
  • Making processes as seamless as possible
    Since RAIN RFID technology can read tags through packaging, China Outfitters no longer has to unpack and scan boxes to scan in shipments. While this may seem like a small convenience, this saves on labor, time, and on consumables, all while providing more accurate data.
  • Improvements from warehouse to dressing room
    After seeing the rapid improvements in its warehouse and manufacturing facility, China Outfitters is introducing RAIN RFID technology throughout retail store locations. RAIN RFID reading devices will be placed by registers, storage, and loading docks to improve operations in-store, as well as by fitting room mirrors and ceilings to inform merchandising and improve customer experience.

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