Carvana gains visibility and reduces bottlenecks with RAIN RFID

At any moment, Carvana has tens of thousands of cars in their inventory throughout the US. Each car is in a different state of sale, inspection, or repair. Upon deployment of a RAIN RFID solution from Impinj and TrackX, Carvana was able to gain visibility of their inventory, ultimately increasing their overall efficiencies and improving customer experience.

  • Effective labor management leading to reduced bottlenecks
  • Better use of equipment and containers
  • Easy inventory audits

Carvana Profile:

Founded in 2012 and based in Phoenix Arizona, Carvana’s mission is to change the way people buy cars. enables consumers to quickly and easily shop more than 15,000 vehicles, finance, trade-in or sell their current vehicle to Carvana, sign contracts, and schedule as-soon-as-next-day delivery or pickup at one of Carvana’s patented, automated Car Vending Machines.

Impinj Solution Partner 

Maintaining accurate inventory data across the nation

Carvana was looking for a way to automate its inventory management. With a massive high-value inventory in hubs throughout the country, they needed an accurate, efficient, and real-time approach to keep track of their inventory and have up-to-the-moment information about where each car was in the inspection, repair, and shipment processes.

Cavana turned to TrackX and Impinj to automate the handling of cars throughout their business. After deploying a RAIN RFID solution in their inspection centers, they saw increased efficiencies in shipment capacity and workforce distribution.

  • RAIN RFID tag chips using Impinj Monza R6 are affixed to each car as it is received by Carvana. Each tag chip is associated with information about the car such as its VIN and when it was received.
  • Impinj R420 readers located throughout their inspection centers scan tags and updates information about each car as it moves through the inspection and repair process. Readers are also mounted on Jeeps to run regular inventory checks of their lots.

Carvana staff see updated data about each vehicle to streamline their inventory management and improve sales.

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Automated shipping and receiving with RAIN RFID

  • Reduced bottlenecks with historical data
    Equipped with historical data from the movement of inventory over time, Carvana can anticipate when they need a larger workforce at a high-inventory time. This way they can increase workforce efficiencies and schedule exactly who they need for a specific time.
  • Better use of equipment and containers
    Instead of shipping out a partially filled container load, they now know exactly where each car is in real-time, and can fill each container completely, maximizing their shipping processes.
  • Easy inventory audits
    Previously, when there were bank audits, Carvana had to hold up operations to manually count each vehicle. Now, with automated tracking, they can quickly and easily find out what they have in stock and respond quickly to audit inquiries.



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