RAIN RFID Solution Optimizes Workflow at Laundry Facility 

In order to reduce lost textiles, Berendsen introduced a RAIN RFID tracking and tagging system. By automating how they track their linens, Berendsen can:

  • Achieve 99.9% asset visibility
  • Double linen processing speed, increasing the number of linens processed per day
  • Track each individual linen and analyze bulk shipments
  • Optimize resource management and manpower
  • Automate cleaning process, providing care specific to each item

Berendsen Profile:

Berendsen, a textile service business in 15 countries throughout Europe, provides solutions to lease, source, clean, and maintain textiles used in healthcare, washrooms, hotels, restaurants, and cleanrooms.

Impinj Solution Partner:

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Berendsen increases efficiency with scaleable RAIN RFID asset tracking solution

Supplying hospitals, retirement homes, and care facilities with linens represents a significant part of the daily business for one Berendsen facility in Germany. This facility receives tons of used linens each day. The contaminated linens, shipped in laundry bags and roll cages, are weighed rather than counted to protect workers from the risk of infection. 

Berendsen needed a solution that allowed for the bulk reading of contaminated linens, enabling them to better plan the manpower needed to finish each job. They also wanted a solution that would scale in the future to meet other project needs.

The RAIN RFID solution from IdentPro and Impinj delivered these demands by:

  • Attaching Impinj RAIN RFID tag chips to individual items, like linens and towels, to create endpoints
  • Installing Impinj Speedway readers at points of transition, like shipping and receiving areas, and along washing stations
  • As items move through points of transition, readers collect data embedded on the tag chips at a rate of up to 400 tags at a time
  • This information is made available to management to optimize operations and ensure accuracy 

Item Intelligence turns Berendsen facility into a smart factory

  • Faster processing times
    Implementing a RAIN RFID solution has doubled the speed at which Berendsen processes linens, increasing the number of linens processed at a facility to 15,000 units per day.
  • Increased visibility
    Berendsen now has the ability to track each individual linen. This assures that each linen goes back to the same hospital it came from. By utilizing Impinj Item Intelligence, Berendsen has increased its asset visibility to 99.9%. With improved receiving and dispatch accuracy, the company is now able to plan resources more cost effectively, especially labor, which represents the biggest cost.
  • Automation of cleaning processes
    With the IdentPro and Impinj solution, Berendsen can store information directly on the linen’s RAIN RFID tag, including the type of linen and the cleaning requirements (cleaning steps, temperature, detergent), so the cleaning process can be automated based on the information on the tag.

With improved output and visibility, the IndentPro and Impinj solution has been a success for Berendsen. Tagging all of the several million pieces of laundry Berendsen processes every day will take time, but they plan to expand RAIN RFID to their other locations.

Berendsen expects so see a return on their investment in less than 12 months, after their RAIN RFID solution doubled their processing speed. 


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