Reuse, Refurbish and Recycle pre-owned office technology with RAIN RFID

ARS buys and sells assets like copiers, phone systems, and warehouse equipment. Assets are delivered daily in varying quantities to the company’s largest facility in San Diego which can have custody of 2,000 assets with 100 to 150 assets flowing through each day. Staff members must keep track of each item that is received, stored, serviced, purchased and sold.

By using the Impinj platform in ARS’s busiest warehouse, staff can quickly and easily see details about each product and manage each asset from receiving to purchasing.

  • Over 30 hours of labor saved each week
  • 30% increase in order-production rate
  • Improved efficiency in warehouse stocking and asset locating while also minimizing errors
  • Improved customer service and unplanned audits with real-time locating system

Asset Recovery Specialists

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Asset Recovery Specialists (ARS, Inc.) is a full-service, global resell and reverse logistics provider. The company focuses on office technology including, imaging, medical, IT, wireless and electronic sectors. Their partners include major banks, manufacturers, leasing, and Fortune 500 companies. ARS covers the US with four strategic return centers.

Impinj Solution Partner:

Asset tracking process gains efficiency with RAIN RFID

With so many assets moving through ARS’s San Diego warehouse, manual asset tracking was both inefficient and time-consuming. Errors created backlogs and added costly labor to getting a single asset back on its supply chain track.

A2B Tracking Solutions, an Impinj partner, used Impinj gateways to track assets throughout the warehouse so workers can locate assets within minutes, instead of hours.

  • RAIN RFID tags are attached to each asset and are linked to details about that product, including its serial number
  • Impinj xSpan gateways are installed in eight zones in the ARS facility to identify asset identity and location Workers use the data captured to track assets throughout the warehouse and upon entering and exiting the warehouse





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Real-time RAIN RFID asset tracking solution improves warehouse efficiency and customer service

  • Automated tracking leads to fewer errors
    RAIN RFID provides automation for the tracking solution so assets are not subject to human error and misplacement inside the warehouse. Assets are monitored as they move throughout the warehouse so that staff can quickly and easily locate items. Asset movements are stored and presented in real-time making it easy to find and deliver items to customers.
  • Efficiencies and labor and cost savings
    ARS has saved 30 labor hours each week by replacing its manual tracking process with a RAIN RFID solution powered by the Impinj platform. The solution also boosted ARS’ order-production rate by 30% allowing workers to address on-demand orders more efficiently.
  • Scaling up and out using current system
    In the future ARS plans to track when each item is loaded onto a vehicle for customer deliveries. This will allow them to update the asset’s status as shipped and will enable ARS to easily address customer claims.

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