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With the FR22 Fixed Reader, Nordic ID Simplifies RFID Solutions Across Industries

The compact and flexible system design of the Nordic ID FR22 fixed reader is ideal for use in manufacturing, warehouses — or any industry.

Locations like manufacturing facilities and warehouses can be busy places, with products, people, and equipment coming and going at all hours. The RFID technology keeping track of it all shouldn’t add to the complexity. 

With its compact size and lightweight design, the Nordic ID FR22 fixed RAIN RFID reader can be easily mounted almost anywhere, even without brackets. Its wide communication options — including GPIO, USB, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, Wireless WAN, GNSS, and HDMI — enable flexibility in systems design and eliminate the need for bulky external connectivity hardware. 

Further simplifying things like asset tracking, the FR22 has an embedded computer, which allows direct connection to a display for real-time information about alerts, tracked items, or request actions. The FR22 also offers its own web interface to make installing and updating applications easy, making the fixed reader a complete option for any industry.

The FR22 aims to solve all the challenges that customers have found in the past when deploying an RFID solution. As an RFID reader, its performance is the highest we have ever achieved.

Lluis Bueno, customer success manager at Nordic ID, a BRADY Corporation company

Empowered by Impinj
The FR22 features the Impinj E710 RAIN RFID reader chip, designed specifically for use in high-performance RAIN RFID readers for applications where sensitivity, long-range, and fast read rates are required. The Impinj E710 delivers up to 4 dB better receive sensitivity, 50% lower chip power consumption, and up to 80% smaller RAIN RFID system designs than the previous generation, making it ideal for use in compact fixed readers such as the Nordic ID FR22. Additionally, the Impinj E710’s expanded integration allows for fewer components in the FR22 itself, further streamlining and simplifying the device.

Industry solutions
Appropriate for use cases in multiple industries, the Nordic ID FR22 fixed reader is particularly suited for:

  • Tracking assets such as workwear at professional laundry facilities as the items enter and exit the facility.
  • Managing the movement and location of shared assets, such as tools or components at manufacturing facilities.
  • Verifying the contents of shipments in densely packed pallets in warehouses.

While the FR22 fixed reader is ideal for use on its own, it is just one part of a product family. Users of the FR22 can start with the standard version, then scale with Nordic ID’s plug-and-play accessories including two antennas that attach natively to the reader, as well as an antenna port extender. The ability to wirelessly connect the FR22 to a display means users can access real-time information without unnecessary cables, external controllers, or power supplies.

Learn more about Nordic ID and how its FR22 fixed reader and accessories can benefit your company. 

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Monday, November 14, 2022