What's the ROI of RAIN RFID in Healthcare?

Wendy Werblin, Director of Industry Solutions

August 1, 2017

The pressure on hospitals to improve patient care at lower costs is not new—and it’s not going away. If you’re a hospital administrator or CEO, you’re spending a big chunk of time responding to regulatory pressure related to costs, patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

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Driving efficiency with smart technology can have a significant impact on your operations, patients, and bottom line, so choosing the right solution is key. To improve how assets are utilized throughout the enterprise, healthcare providers around the world are implementing low-cost, high-impact RAIN RFID solutions to deliver transformative results. The good news is that a RAIN RFID solution can pay for itself in a couple of years.  

The RAIN RFID Impact on ROI

Hospitals around the world are using RAIN RFID technology as a smarter way to refine processes, make them more efficient, and ultimately improve ROI. For example, an academic medical center in the US was able to deploy a RFID solution that delivered benefits in every aspect of finding, managing and ordering equipment. The tool? A real-time location system that uses RAIN RFID technology.

We’ve also seen that hospitals implementing RAIN RFID make smarter use of their expensive mobile equipment. Hospitals can actually reduce equipment needed because it is efficiently retrieved, cleaned, maintained, and delivered rather than standing idle or going missing.

Ready to get started? Build a business case that is unique to your organization. The Impinj ROI Calculator allows you to enter information about your hospital—as detailed as you like. You’ll get a personalized report that outlines your cost reductions in categories ranging from equipment loss to staff productivity. Discover how RAIN RFID can help your healthcare organization.

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