Visual RAIN RFID Tags for Materials Flow Management

Girish Sivaram

September 1, 2015

The mainstream adoption of RAIN RFID was recently reaffirmed when Impinj announced the sale of its 10 billionth Monza tag chip. While the retail industry has historically been the largest consumer of tags, innovative usage models continue to come to market in a wide variety of industries. One such exciting new usage model is the application of RAIN RFID in materials flow management, deployed by Omni-ID via the ProVIEW Visual eKanban Tagging system. Impinj is excited to partner with Omni-ID to deliver its new View Tags using the Monza X family of tag chips.

Impinj Monza Omni ID

The View Tag is targeted towards applications for materials flow management that benefit industries such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and IT. The goal is to replace paper label instructions for these applications with reusable electronic View Tags that deliver advanced tracking and automation. The ProVIEW system combines the power of RAIN RFID, along with software to provide a complete tracking and dynamic communication solution.

The RAIN RFID component that powers Omni-ID’s range of View Tags (View 3, View 4 and View 10) is Impinj’s Monza X-2K Dura chip. Embedded directly into the circuit board, the Monza X-2K chip links to the device’s microprocessor through a standard I2C bus, enabling the microprocessor or a RAIN RFID reader to read and write the Monza X-2K chip memory even when the device is powered off.

Omni-ID’s innovative approach uses Monza X-2K Dura as a low power wireless communications conduit. Visit the Impinj product page to learn more about Monza X and its applications or to request an application consultation.


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