Understand Your Factory Floor with the NedCard MicroSON-3 RAIN RFID Tag


September 5, 2018

How much do you really know about the tools, assets, goods, and WiPs on your factory floor?  The answer is probably not as much as you think.

Though you may feel as though you’ve got the full picture of your manufacturing line, if you’re using manual processes or barcodes to track assets and goods, there will always be errors and subsequent operational slow downs.

It’s this type of human error the NedCard MicroSON®-3 RAIN RFID tag chip seeks to eliminate. Featuring Impinj Monza R6-P endpoint ICs, the NedCard MicroSON-3 RAIN RFID packaged tag chip was made especially to update outdated processes and enable smart manufacturing.

A tough, tiny tag for smart manufacturing

This RAIN RFID tag holds identifying data about the materials or components on your factory floor, helping manufacturers glean actionable information from items in their operations.

NedCard RAIN RFID tags
Photo courtesy of NedCard

Additionally, the package itself is highly durable and can withstand temperatures up to 85°C (185°F) so you don’t have to worry about damaging the tag when it goes down the manufacturing line.

Automated asset management delivers better operational insights

Maintaining a full understanding of all of your assets can be completely automated with the MicroSON-3. For example, affixing the tag chip to items in your supply chain improves traceability wherever your items are, be it on the manufacturing line or after packaging for shipment. This way, you can know where your components are going and where they have been at the click of a button.

Within the supply chain, it can be used to verify authentic components through the information stored on the MicroSON-3 tag chip, which helps protect product integrity. Tags can also contain rewritable information such as a work log so you know what else needs to be done on a part, or maintenance logging so you know when an item was last repaired.

Thinking into the not-so-distant future, robotics can be programmed to execute a specific set of processes after reading and identifying a tagged item.  That means lower labor costs and increased manufacturing accuracy.

Being able to see your entire line with durable RAIN RFID solutions means no more manual read errors and a full understanding of your manufacturing line. Interested in learning more about the The NedCard MicroSON-3 RAIN RFID packaged tag chip? Dive into our detailed solution brief here.


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