Top Retail Brands Worldwide Adopting RAIN RFID


January 11, 2018

The RAIN RFID Alliance announced that RAIN RFID technology has been adopted by many of the world's leading retailers to improve inventory management. While many companies using RAIN RFID in retail have kept this competitive edge secret, more than 100 retailers have publicly acknowledged adoption of the technology, with top brands from 7-Eleven to Zara, including Burberry, C&A, Decathlon, H&M, La Chapelle, lululemon, Macy's, Marks & Spencer, Target and TESCO.

"The complex nature of retail inventory management, and the necessity of today's omni-channel retail approach, means that retailers are perfectly positioned to leverage the full benefit of RAIN RFID technology," said Steve Halliday, president of the RAIN RFID Alliance. "The retailers who are deploying RAIN RFID realize that they can see significant improvements in sales and profit margins, thanks to inventory accuracy up to 98 percent and 50 percent reduction in out-of-stocks." 

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Impinj (NASDAQ: PI) wirelessly connects billions of everyday items such as apparel, medical supplies, and automobile parts to consumer and business applications such as inventory management, patient safety, and asset tracking. The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID to deliver timely information about these items to the digital world, thereby enabling the Internet of Things.

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