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The Challenges RAIN RFID Can Solve in the Shipment Journey

Companies are facing new shipping challenges, fueled by e-commerce sales and increasing consumer demands. Here’s a breakdown of how RAIN RFID can help.

Around the world, more than 2,700 packages are shipped every second. As demand for order fulfillment options and speed increases, so do the challenges facing companies with shipping and distribution operations. Expectations are rising rapidly, due in part to a growing consumer appetite for faster shipping times and more convenient fulfillment options, as well an increase in e-commerce sales.

What are the challenges facing warehouses, distribution centers, and 3PLs when it comes to growing their businesses? 

  • Incomplete shipments or mis-shipments: Shipments sent to the wrong location, with the wrong quantity or with the wrong product cost time, money, and customer trust and loyalty. Shipping costs multiply by five when reshipping and expediting late items.
  • Lack of skilled workers and automation: Demand for skilled warehouse workers exceeds supply six to one. Some of this labor is tied up in inefficient manual processes, like data entry and barcode scanning. Automating processes frees up labor to focus where it makes a difference, like expediting order fulfillment and shipping operations, while also reducing labor needs by streamlining operations. 
  • Unreliable data and inefficient processes: Both manual data entry and barcode scanning are slow, error-prone processes. This delay in data availability causes a lack of visibility into shipment statuses, which can lead to further slow, inaccurate manual processes down the line.

So, how can companies operating within the supply chain grow their businesses, while running their operations faster, cheaper, with 100% transparency and achieving up to 99% accuracy? RAIN RFID can help at different stages in the shipment journey—like how Haier increased their shipment visibility and accuracy, or Roba Metals made their inventory data available in real-time

This infographic explains how. You can download your copy here.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2021