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SILION TECH Launches New Modules Built with Impinj RAIN RFID Reader Chips

Impinj gold partner SILION TECH has announced new RFID modules built with Impinj reader chips as part of its updated SIM product series.

Impinj gold partner SILION TECH recently launched a new generation of RFID modules built with the new Impinj RAIN RFID reader chips, updating the model numbers to SILION's newly created SIM series.

Built with the new Impinj E710, E510, and E310 reader chips, the SIM series includes the following five RFID modules: 

SIM7100: Single-port RFID module

SILION’s UHF high-performance SIM7100 module, built with the Impinj E710 reader chip, provides an MMCX antenna interface that supports RF outputs up to 33 dBm. The module’s high sensitivity, small size, and advanced anti-jamming design make it ideal for high-performance handheld and mobile RFID readers.

SIM7200: 4-port RFID module

SIM7200 is a UHF module powered by the Impinj E710 reader chip that has four SMA antenna ports supporting RF outputs up to 33 dBm. With features like high sensitivity and anti-jam technology, the module is designed for high-performance RFID devices and fixed readers.

SIM7300: 8-port RFID module

Impinj Silion RFID modules in different sizes for inventory and asset management

The Impinj E710 reader chip powers the SIM7300, an 8-port RFID module that can be used for multiple antenna time-sharing applications. The 8 dBi antenna enables a reading distance of more than 12 meters. Additional features include a multi-label anti-collision algorithm that ensures inventory counts of 900 tags per second, and heat dissipation due to a large aluminum-alloy thermal conductive panel.

SIM7400: 16-port RFID module

The 16-port SIM7400 RFID module is also built with the Impinj E710 reader chip. It can be used for multiple antenna time-sharing applications. The 8 dBi antenna supports a reading distance of more than 12 meters. A large aluminum-alloy thermal conductive panel provides excellent heat dissipation and a multi-label anti-collision algorithm enables inventory counts of more than 900 tags per second.

SIM7500: Ultra-small SMD RFID module

The SIM7500 is an ultra-small SMD RFID module based on the Impinj E310 reader chip. This coin-sized module with low power consumption is designed for low-cost RFID handheld devices and mobile readers.

About the new Impinj reader chips

The Impinj E710, E510, and E310 reader chips are high-performance, low-power, highly integrated systems-on-chips (SoCs) that extend item connectivity to hundreds of billions of things worldwide—including apparel, parcels, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, and more.

These three new RAIN RFID reader chips enable IoT device makers to meet the increasing demand for item connectivity in retail, supply chain and logistics, consumer electronics, and many other markets.

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Friday, October 8, 2021