Seven Ways RAIN RFID Makes Your Life Easier


June 30, 2016

Technology has become a fundamental part of our daily lives. Smartphones have put maps, driving directions and restaurant recommendations at our fingertips. The Internet has redefined how the world communicates, finds and shares information. Electric cars can now travel hundreds of miles without sacrificing torque, power or comfort.

While phones, computers and cars are more prominent in our day-to-day lives, other types of technology are less well known yet still offer daily benefits. RAIN RFID is one of these technologies. Here are seven ways RAIN RFID solutions make life easier by creating efficiencies and improving experiences.

Suitcase on luggage carousel

  • Now Arriving, Your Luggage
    Delta Airlines is using RAIN RFID to track baggage at 344 locations around the globe. More than 120 million bags fly on Delta per year, and tracking them via barcode scanning is a labor-intensive process. The new baggage tracking solution, which offers hands-free scanning, features two billion bag scan points and 99.9% bag scan accuracy ensuring proper luggage routing and loading. This new system enables agents to pinpoint specific bags with hands-free scanning and in the future, lets you know the location of your baggage via the Delta app. With RAIN RFID, you can travel knowing your bags will arrive at the right destination.
  • Finding the Right Fit(ting Room)
    When you shop online for clothes you get quick and easy access to product information and size availability. Yet, one important aspect of the shopping experience is missing – trying the product on. Likewise, once you’re in the fitting room, it’s difficult to learn more about the product or see what other sizes are available without getting redressed and heading back to the sales floor. Smart fitting rooms combine the best of online and in-person shopping experiences. Rebecca Minkoff and Ralph Lauren have each deployed smart fitting rooms. As you enter the room with RAIN RFID tagged clothing, the mirror or display automatically knows what you have, and lets you adjust lighting, request new sizes, complete the look, learn more, get assistance or check out on the spot.
  • Instant Gratification in Less Than an Hour
    Postmates, an on-demand delivery service, is revolutionizing how delivery services operate by enabling the delivery of goods and meals from stores and restaurants within an hour of order. Recently American Apparel, who already manages their inventory with RAIN RFID, partnered with Postmates to provide on-demand delivery of their apparel. With RAIN RFID, Postmates can ensure that items available for purchase are in fact in stock. Postmates indicates that with this inventory data, the process of delivering ordered items means you’ll get your goods 15 – 20 minutes sooner, which is a 25%-30% improvement in their estimated delivery window.
  • Operating Efficiency
    The University of Tennessee has deployed smart disposal systems in their operating rooms that track what is used during surgery by reading the packaging as the item is discarded. The DeRoyal Continuum OR RAIN RFID-enabled disposal bin has not only led to more accurate billing based on what’s used, it has also allowed healthcare professionals at the hospital to analyze what is actually used for each surgery, so they can better prepare for each operation and not take items out of stock that won’t be used. With this system, you don’t have to worry about being billed for unnecessary items.
  • The Freshest Conveyor-Belt Sushi Around
    Conveyor-belt sushi is inexpensive and convenient. Patrons simply grab plates of fresh fish as they whiz by until full. When eating sushi, the most important factor is freshness. That’s why sushi restaurant Blue C Sushi, with nine locations in Washington and California, has integrated RAIN RFID tags into each plate. As the plate is placed on the conveyor belt, the timer starts, ensuring fish doesn’t rotate around the restaurant too long. And, as you remove a plate from the belt, the inventory is instantly updated letting the chefs know what to make next so your favorite dishes are always just around the corner.
  • Quick and Secure Border Crossings
    US border states Washington, Vermont, Michigan, Minnesota and New York offer Enhanced Drivers Licenses which allow border agents to uniquely identify you. These driver’s licenses let you cross the Canadian and Mexican borders, or travel to Bermuda and the Caribbean via boat without having to carry a passport, making your border crossing faster and requiring you to carry less paperwork.
  • BYOB – Build Your Own Beverage
    While grocery store aisles are packed with different varieties of soda (or pop, depending on where you live), restaurants tend to have a limited selection of drinks to choose from. The Coke Freestyle machine has changed that. With 12 million user transactions a day around the world, the Coca-Cola Freestyle system uses RAIN RFID to monitor, track and maintain dispenser operations as well as to provide real-time business analytics about product consumption and preferences. And all the while, you get to finally have that grape-raspberry-lime-peach Fanta you’ve always dreamed about.

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