Retail Revolution: RAIN RFID Cashier-Less Stores Increase Reach

Christi Juchmes, Product Marketing Manager, Silicon Products

April 2, 2019

Retail has evolved. Imagine your customers walk into a store, select what they want, and then leave. They’re not shoplifting; they’re paying customers. How? Well, first the store is cashier-less, meaning customers check-out differently: cue RAIN RFID. With RAIN RFID- enabled stores, customers experience seamless shopping while stores have confidence in inventory and pricing decisions thanks to accurate item-level data.

As shoppers begin to expect a certain level of convenience, retailers have to keep up or risk losing customers. To maintain an excellent relationship with your customers, businesses have to surpass customer expectations. With RAIN RFID, retailers have found new and exciting ways to do just this, delivering digital experiences that are both useful and memorable.

Intelligent refrigerators deliver automated checkout

Take, for instance, the Stora Enso Intelligent Refrigerator, powered by the Impinj platform. By enabling RAIN RFID tracking of each item in the refrigerator, customers can take what they want and go, delivering a frictionless experience to shoppers.

But how does it work? The refrigerator identifies a shopper by scanning their credit card, mobile app, or unique QR code. Next, the refrigerator unlocks, and the shopper removes the items they’d like to purchase. After the shopper closes the refrigerator, the embedded Impinj Indy R2000 reader chip inventories the remaining items and charges the customer for the selections that were removed.

Increase reach with RAIN RFID

Automated checkout isn’t the only advantage to the Intelligent Refrigerator. Retailers that want to expand their operations have a simple, scalable solution with an all-in-one smart fridge. Placing these smart fridges at airports, street corners, or department stores, delivers faster shopping experiences for customers on the go.  

Improved analytics create opportunities for dynamic inventory management

RAIN RFID-enabled refrigerators deliver valuable information that increases insight into customer behavior and inventory needs. With data-driven insights about specific items, retailers know precisely what to replenish, when to rotate stock for expiration management. They also gain valuable merchandising data. Coupled with the dynamic pricing capabilities of the Intelligent Refrigerator, retailers can increase sales through special pricing for repeat customers or reduced prices on expiring items.

Learn more about frictionless shopping with the Stora Enso Intelligent Refrigerator.


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