RAIN RFID Enhances Security at G20 Summit


March 31, 2016

Providing security for an event with 60,000 attendees already has high-stakes. Make that event the 2015 G20 Summit in Turkey, which included 19 heads of nations and representatives from the European Union, and the stakes become about as high as they come. Summit organizers chose a RAIN RFID system to confirm the identity of each attendee, which added an important extra layer of security to the event. 

G-20 Summit

The complexity of the event, including high-profile attendees with large entourages of advisors, required a thorough system to confirm identity that also left the flow of the Summit uninterrupted.  Summit organizers also needed a way to identify and locate attendees automatically and quickly in case security assistance was needed. In addition, it was important to organizers that dignitaries not be stopped and questioned about their identity.

DDesign Communication Systems was hired to design the RAIN RFID security system, coined the “Turkey Accreditation System”. Attendees were provided with badges embedded with an Impinj Monza 4 chip. Impinj xPortal readers were installed in Summit entryways so that when an attendee walked through them their identity was confirmed and location logged using DDesign’s D-Access Software. Summit staff used handheld readers throughout the course of proceedings to note where attendees were located at all times.

After months of conceptualization and installation, the RAIN RFID installation at the G20 Summit accomplished all the goals the organizers set out to achieve. The system’s accurate and seamless delivery of information allowed attendees to focus on the international matters they came to discuss without interruption. 


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