Parkland Memorial Hospital Automates Asset Tracking in New Facility

Parkland Memorial Hospital Automates Asset Tracking in New Facility


March 6, 2018

Nearly three years ago, Parkland Memorial Hospital opened a new 2.1 million-square-foot facility—nearly twice the size of the old hospital—to serve more patients in the fast-growing Dallas County in Texas. But doubling the size of the hospital also meant a drastic increase in the number of medical devices that needed to be tracked.  So, Parkland turned to a RAIN RFID solution to increase asset tracking visibility and inventory management efficiency.

New Parkland ExteriorNew Parkland exterior. Photo credit: Parkland Memorial Hospital

Parkland Memorial Hospital deploys RAIN RFID asset management solution
Prior to using an automated RAIN RFID solution, hospital staff managed inventory by scanning barcodes on assets with handheld devices. In order to reduce this manual labor, and better track and manage expensive assets, Impinj worked with partners Argo Wireless and Nuvolo to deploy an automated asset tracking solution at Parkland.

In total, 75 Impinj xArray RAIN RFID readers were installed to monitor over 60,000 RAIN RFID-tagged assets as they moved throughout the new facility, including shipping and receiving areas. With their automated RAIN RFID system, staff now has insight to where items are as they move between rooms or pass through doorways.

Parkland also deployed Impinj ItemSense software to provide seamless and continuous device health and management updates to the xArrays’ firmware, in addition to providing business intelligence to hospital staff for more streamlined asset management.

To find out more about how the Impinj platform saves helps hospital staff protect and manage medical assets, visit our healthcare solutions. And be sure to visit Impinj booth 643 at HIMSS to discover other ways healthcare providers can cut costs without cutting quality.


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