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North Sails Increases Customer Satisfaction with RAIN RFID

North Sails is a leader in sail repairs and manufacturing. Learn how they used the Impinj platform to create a secure self-checkout system.

North Sails is a leader in sail manufacturing and repairs with over 150 storage lofts around the globe. Each loft can hold up to a thousand sails at various states of repair.

North Sails wanted a solution that would both increase inventory visibility throughout the lofts and decrease wait times for their customers. That's because sails moved between their storage lofts. Thus, being able to accurately and quickly locate each sail as they moved around the country was a high priority. Further, their inventory counts typically took a laborious two to three days, making reducing inventory count times a priority.

A RAIN RFID solution that resolved multiple pain points

Impinj’s partner A2B Tracking worked with Impinj to create a RAIN RFID solution that decreased inventory count time from days to seconds. North Sails started by attaching RFID tags to each of the sails when they came into each loft. They then used handheld readers along with A2B Tracking’s software that workers could use to count and locate inventory throughout each loft in seconds.

A2B Tracking’s software in conjunction with RAIN RFID technology could tell workers exactly what they had in any given location. After implementation, they increased inventory accuracy up to 100%. With this increased, accurate visibility, North Sails was also able to be prepared for any inventory tax audit that may come up.

Fast, self-serve checkout

This solution not only elevated their inventory management but customer experience as well. Impinj xSpan readers were installed at the entry and exit points of designated pick-up areas. With this implementation, customers are now able to pick up their sails during off-hours. If a customer wants to take an impromptu trip on a Friday evening when the sail storage is not manned by warehouse staff, they are now able to come in and retrieve their stored sails whenever is convenient for them. Once a sail is picked up by a customer, a text alert is sent to North Sails and inventory records are updated. This solution brings customer wait times down to zero.

A scalable sail solution

Though the first iteration of North Sail’s RAIN RFID solution, it will surely not be the last. With the Impinj platform and A2B Tracking’s software already enabled on an inventory level, scaling this solution to other parts of the company will be relatively inexpensive and just as effective.

Learn more about how the Impinj platform creates RAIN RFID solutions that scale with you.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018