New Textile Tag for Laundry and Hospitality


September 1, 2017

French RFID solutions provider UBI Solutions and tag producer FENOTAG announce the launch of an innovative new textile tag, UbiTex 1358, built using the Impinj Monza R6-P tag chip, for laundry and hospitality applications.

FENOTAG laundry tag

According to Carl Brasek, Senior Director of Product Management at Impinj, “Laundry solutions have unique needs for a RAIN RFID system due to their intense operating conditions. By taking advantage of the Impinj platform, UBI and FENOTAG have created a reliable tag that can stand up to these demanding requirements and deliver the high-quality data that the hospitality industry needs.”

FENOTAG and UBI Solutions have worked hand in hand to develop and deploy the new UbiTex1358 textile tag as a core of the RAIN RFID textile solution. This new tag uses the durable Impinj Monza R6-P chip, for unique linen item identification and its suite of proprietary Impinj technologies to deliver the best performance in demanding laundry conditions. Impinj AutoTune technology enables high performance in challenging environments like wet towels and soiled laundry by automatically adjusting the chip to the optimal radio frequency for communication with a reader. Impinj Integra diagnostics maximize data and chip integrity over prolonged high-intensity cycles.

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