New RAIN RFID Tag for Metal and Outdoor Environments


November 28, 2017

Xerafy is taking orders for its new Container Trak RAIN RFID tag built with the Impinj Monza R6-P IC. The Container Trak tag is extremely durable and provides visibility into the location and movement of metal containers in outdoor storage yards and warehouses. The passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID tag offers a read range of 20 meters (65 feet) when applied to a metal item, such as a shipping container.

Ideal for the manufacturing and supply chain and logistics industries, the Container Trak tag is designed to provide a long read range from moving containers, trailers or chassis. The tag measures 139 mm x 42 mm x 12 mm (5.5 in x 1.6 in x 0.5 in) and can be attached to an item via a rivet, cable tie, metal insertion, or adhesive.

Xerafy Container Trak Tag

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