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New Impinj R700 Antenna Hub Enables New IoT Partner Solutions

New Impinj R700 antenna hub enables RAIN RFID solutions requiring multiple read zones. Also announced: new Impinj R700 water-resistant case and Wi-Fi support.

Today, Impinj released the Impinj R700 antenna hub. Compatible with the Impinj R700 RAIN RFID reader, the Impinj R700 antenna hub enables new partner IoT solutions that require multiple read zones—such as tool tracking and smart shelves—to be cost effective, scalable, and easy to deploy. 

Designed to help Impinj partners scale their RAIN RFID solutions cost-effectively and with simplicity, the Impinj R700 antenna hub has eight output ports to connect up to 32 antennas to a single Impinj R700 RAIN RFID reader. The Impinj R700 antenna hub includes support that enables one cable to power the antenna hub, control active RF output, and carry the RAIN RFID signal. This requires fewer cables to install the Impinj R700 antenna hub, making it easier and less costly to install, and creates fewer points of failure in deployment.

In addition, Impinj expanded Impinj R700 peripheral and accessory support by releasing the new Impinj R700 water-resistant case and Wi-Fi support. The Impinj R700 water-resistant case, with an IP54 rating, adds protection from dust and water spray. The Wi-Fi support for USB Wi-Fi adapters, in the recently released Impinj R700 firmware version 7.4, enables Impinj R700 readers to be used in environments that require Wi-Fi connectivity because wired connectivity isn’t feasible or is less stable than the Wi-Fi connectivity. This Wi-Fi support enables use cases such as tool tracking with mobile carts or driving through a warehouse with an Impinj R700 reader on a forklift.

For more details about Impinj R700 antenna hub, please visit the Impinj reader accessories page. To learn more about the Impinj R700 RAIN RFID reader and accessories, contact us here.

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Thursday, January 21, 2021