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New Impinj Monza R6-A Tag Chip for European Retail Market

The new Impinj Monza R6-A RAIN RFID tag chip, built for European retail use-cases, delivers privacy controls, industry-leading performance, and environmental sustainability.

In production now, the new Impinj Monza R6-A chip delivers enhanced privacy protection, industry-leading performance and environmental sustainability.


Designed for the European retail market, which is at the forefront of public policy on consumer privacy and sustainability, the Monza R6-A tag chip helps retailers implement “Privacy by Design” principles to protect consumer privacy. Monza R6-A chips enhance privacy protection in RAIN RFID deployments with short-range mode and tag deactivation via “kill” capability. When an authorized RAIN RFID reader activates Monza R6-A’s short-range mode, the chip’s read range is reduced by a factor of 10, preventing the tag from responding to any reader unless the reader is right next to the tag. Short-range mode allows retailers to protect consumer privacy while still providing post-sale customer service, such as returns without a receipt. Retailers can further enhance consumer privacy with Monza R6-A chips’ kill capability, which allows a reader to irreversibly deactivate, or kill, the chip after item purchase.

“Consumer privacy is a very important issue both in the RAIN RFID industry and in society generally,” said Carl Brasek, senior director for silicon products at Impinj. “With the Monza R6-A, we’ve found a simple and cost-effective solution that enables retailers to get the benefits of a RAIN RFID system while still preserving their customers’ privacy and trust.”

The Monza R6-A chip also employs Impinj’s patented Enduro™ chip-to-antenna connectivity. This improves the chip-to-antenna connection and performance over the life of the tag, creating a chip well-suited for use in environmentally-friendly “green” tags made from paper and aluminum. Enduro technology uses primarily copper, which means Monza R6-A itself has a much smaller carbon footprint than chips that use gold.  For every billion chips produced, Monza R6-A reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 110 metric tons compared to gold-bumped chips.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017