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It’s No Secret: The Next Big Thing in Inventory Control is Automation

Companies all over the world are automating their inventory management—and the benefits are rapid and lasting.

Access to real-time, item-level data is essential to the success of any business relying on an inventory control system.

Many companies have traditionally used manual systems to track and maintain stock levels despite the high rate of errors, increasing labor costs, and time associated with these processes. But today industry leaders around the world are deploying RAIN RFID solutions to automate inventory management process, and the results are undeniable—increased confidence in quantity and location of inventory, ability to more quickly and accurately meet demand, and decreased reliance on manual processes.


In this article, we highlight how four different companies take advantage of RAIN RFID to elevate your business and bring your operations into the future. RAIN RFID is a type of passive (battery-free) RFID that connects items to the internet enabling IoT solutions to improve operations in multiple industries.

1. Rentex Boosts Inventory Visibility by Nearly 100% 

The image showcases a modern industrial setting, highlighting the intricate network of metal structures and

With hundreds of thousands of pieces of audio-visual equipment available for rent, Rentex is the company to call when a convention or concert comes to town. But managing the distribution of these cables, lights, microphones, and other components from their 10 facilities across the U.S. was an onerous process, especially since just one job could involve more than 1,000 rental items. Still using a manual-driven inventory management system based on barcodes and manual data transfer, Rentex employees were spending too much time searching for items and inputting information.  Rentex worked with Impinj partner HID Global to implement a RAIN RFID tag and reader solution featuring Impinj M750 RAIN RFID tag chips. With the ability to quickly and easily locate assets throughout the rental process, Rentex realized a 95% drop in time and labor and near-100% accuracy in reading and writing data. Read the full story >> 

2. Newark Automates Supply Chain Strategy and Keeps Passengers Happy

The image captures a moment at an airport with a silhouette of a person walking brisk

Most modern passengers are accustomed to receiving packages from across the country in under 24 hours, which makes it difficult for them to tolerate waiting hours for a checked bag at the airport. Serving one of the busiest cities in the world, Newark Airport knows this fact all too well. Upon implementation of RAIN RFID-enabled baggage tags, Newark was able to significantly increase the speed of the checked baggage security process. Now their passengers face fewer delays due to baggage handling errors and get to their final destination faster. Read the full story >>

3. Polaris Automates Inventory Control and Reduces Costs

Two thrill-seekers are navigating a rugged desert terrain in a Polaris off

Inventory mistakes cost time and resources that most companies can’t afford to give. Manual checks can be effective but often leaves room for errors. That’s why Polaris deployed a RAIN RFID solution that automated inventory tracking throughout their manufacturing plant. Now, Impinj Speedway R420 readers track vehicle frames that are equipped with Impinj Monza 4QT endpoint ICs. This system delivers real-time data about where WIP cars are on the manufacturing line to plant workers. By automating with RAIN RFID, Polaris saw a 30% increase in inventory accuracy that saved them $200,000 annually. Read the full story >>

4. Automated Warehouse Management Increases Visibility at Carvana

The image showcases the innovative Carvana car vending machine, a towering glass structure illuminated

Carvana has tens of thousands of cars in their inventory at any given time. Each of these cars is at a different state of sale, purchase, or inspection. Carvana deployed Impinj Speedway R420 readers throughout their inspection centers that read inventory equipped with tags containing Impinj Monza R6 chips and deliver accurate, real-time information to their online storefront. With this increased visibility, they are now able to make better supply chain decisions with accurate information and deliver truly accurate inventory information to their customers. Read the full story >>

Setting Inventory Up for Future Success

We’ve seen what automated inventory control can do for companies when they have a specific use case in mind. But what happens when they want to scale? With a RAIN RFID-enabled item, the possibilities are endless. The RAIN RFID industry is constantly making advances. Once inventory is tagged, traceability use-cases can be implemented in item authentication, loss prevention, frictionless point-of-sale, and shipment verification. With the Impinj platform, automating your inventory control with RAIN RFID tracking isn’t just a good idea, it’s an investment in your company’s future.

Monday, July 15, 2019