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New Impinj RAIN RFID Reader Chips Unlock IoT Device Opportunities

Impinj E710, E510, and E310 reader chips set new benchmark for performance, integration, and ease of use.

We are excited to announce the next generation of Impinj RAIN RFID reader chips. The Impinj E710, E510, and E310 reader chips are high-performance, low-power, highly-integrated systems-on-chips (SoCs) that extend the item connectivity opportunity to hundreds of billions of things worldwide—including apparel, parcels, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, and more.

These three new RAIN RFID reader chips enable IoT device makers to meet the increasing demand for item connectivity in retail, supply chain and logistics, consumer electronics, and many other markets.

Delivering performance, integration, and ease of use

Building on the heritage of the Impinj Indy reader chips, which have been used by millions of devices worldwide, the new Impinj E710, E510, and E310 reader chips deliver industry-leading performance, integration, and ease of use with: 

  • Up to 2x better receive sensitivity for reliable performance in new and existing solutions.
  • Up to 80% smaller RAIN RFID system designs ideal for small, next-generation IoT devices.
  • 50% lower chip power consumption, supporting battery-powered, energy-efficient devices. 
  • Software- and pin-compatible designs for easy performance upgrades and design reuse.

Available now, Impinj E710 offers the highest performance, Impinj E510 is the mid-range option in price and performance, and Impinj E310 is the lowest cost while still delivering 1.5x the read range of the Indy R500 reader chip. With industry-leading system integration and easy-to-use development tools, they enable the development of quick-to-market IoT devices that reliably identify, locate, and authenticate connected things.

Introducing new partner devices

Impinj E710, E510, and E310 reader chips provide new opportunities for our partners to innovate. More than 20 Impinj partners worldwide are already developing dozens of products based on the new Impinj reader chips.

The image showcases a collection of logos from various prominent technology companies, indicating a partnership

This breadth of partner products enables enterprises to easily integrate RAIN RFID into their operations with the right tool for their need: modules simplify device development, printers print labels and encode them with a unique item identifier, and a variety of readers including wearables, handhelds, and fixed devices that can increase speed and accuracy when counting and locating items and provide visibility that drives efficient operations and supply-chain automation.

Today, we are excited to introduce 17 new partner products:

Handheld readers:  

  • Chainway C72 - rugged, Android mobile computer 
  • CSL CS710S - handheld sled that pairs with a Bluetooth 5.0 mobile device
  • Hopeland Wing series HY820 - Android industrial-grade device

Wearable readers:

  • Chainway MR20 - compact and portable device for a glove, wristband, or lanyard
  • Chainway R5 - a wearable reader that can be worn using a wrist strap or arm strap

Fixed readers:

  • Hopeland Shine series HH100 - integrated, smart IoT industrial-grade device

Reader modules

  • CAEN RFID Lepton3 - 1-port module for portable, battery-powered devices
  • CAEN RFID Lepton7 - 1-port module for portable, battery-powered devices
  • Hopeland Smart series HZ510 - 1-port module for handheld and fixed readers
  • JADAK ThingMagic Pico - 1-port module for small, battery-operated readers
  • RoyalRay RRU7180M - 1-port module for logistics, access control, and industrial use 
  • Silion SLR7100 - 1-port reader module for handheld and mobile devices
  • Silion SLR7200 - 4-port reader module for fixed readers
  • Silion SLR7300 - 8-port module for asset management and retail devices
  • Silion SLR7400 - 16-port module for asset management and retail devices
  • Silion SLR7500 - cost-effective module for mobile devices

These devices enable digital transformation, improve consumer experiences, and help businesses better manage inventory and assets. We look forward to continuing to support partner product innovation in the coming months and years.  

Advancing IoT innovation opportunities

The image showcases a trio of Impinj product models: E310, E

The Impinj E710, E510, and E310 reader chips also open up opportunities for new IoT innovation. They enable IoT devices to identify up to hundreds of items per second quickly and reliably, at distances of a few millimeters to many meters, without line-of-sight. They can be embedded into a wide variety of IoT devices, delivering RAIN functionality that enables new solutions including: 

  • Point of sale devices, smart shelves and cabinets for frictionless retail: Monitor goods and deliver fast, touch-free, and intuitive automated checkout experiences.
  • Smart appliances, gaming devices, and security systems for enhanced consumer electronics: Connect to everyday items and deliver ultimate service and convenience.
  • Tablets, smartphone accessories, and other mobile computing devices for employees: Identify, locate, and authenticate items in proximity, improving experiences with item intelligence.

Long-standing Impinj partner Michelin envisions RAIN RFID delivering advanced connectivity throughout the full tire lifecycle to improve tire management, performance, and safety.

Michelin is convinced that the innovation, in terms of performance and affordability, in the new Impinj reader chips is a key achievement towards tire connectivity with RAIN RFID technology. Performant devices are a key factor of success to foster the tire market adoption, in the coming years, we expect diverse types of read points to be deployed across a large range of use cases over the entire tire lifecycle. This will be a key enabler to connected mobility services for our customers.

Jérôme Barrand, RFID program leader at Michelin

At Impinj, our vision is boundless IoT—a future where every item in our everyday world has a digital counterpart, a digital twin, in the cloud. Step-by-step, we are creating the platform our partners need to deliver solutions that connect everyday items to their digital twins.

We believe that by continuing to make RAIN RFID easier to access and use via our partner ecosystem, we can drive RAIN adoption, enable ubiquitous connectivity for trillions of everyday things, and help businesses reap the benefits of digital transformation. 

Building on our history of excellence

Impinj is known worldwide for pioneering the RAIN RFID industry, for technology and market leadership, and for our platform, which includes tag chips, reader chips, readers, and gateways. 

In 2008, Impinj acquired Intel’s reader chip business, which became the foundation for our Indy reader chip series. For more than a decade, our Indy reader chips have had leading performance and market-share. With the new Impinj E710, E510, and E310 reader chips, we have set a new bar in performance, integration, and ease of use. We have helped partners worldwide begin bringing new products to market that will enhance business efficiencies. And we have laid a foundation for IoT innovation that has the potential to improve people’s lives. We are so proud of what the Impinj team and our partners have accomplished today and are so excited about the possibilities for tomorrow.

>>Read the Impinj E710, E510, E310 press release

Tuesday, June 15, 2021



Matt Branda

Vice President, Product Management

Matt Branda leads a team focused on delivering world-class RAIN RFID connectivity products that provide industry-leading performance and reliability.