Intel Partners with Impinj to Reduce Laptop Theft


June 4, 2014

Intel has been working on a project called the Wireless Credential Exchange (WCE) with Technology Solutions Ltd (TSL), Burnside Digital and Impinj that uses RFID technology to provision, track and monitor devices such as laptops and other equipment, including a killswitch option for devices that are either lost or stolen. WCE uses embedded Impinj Monza Endpoints inside devices with an Intel SoC, allowing the  device to be tracked, provisioned, shipped, deployed, and monitored using an industry standard RFID reader.

Mac computers running windows

The Monza chip can also be read and written to using an external RFID reader made by TSL, even if the system is turned off. Data can be written to the Monza chip and then passed on to the Intel SoC the next time the device is powered up, including a kill command, making the WCE system more powerful than the average RFID inventory tracking systems. For example, a device can be disabled prior to shipping and then reactivated once it reaches its final destination. If it's lost or stolen, it's useless because the person in possession wouldn't be able to activate it. 

Providing extra benefits to consumers is one of the many ways our RAIN RFID-based solutions are transforming industries around the world. 

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