Impinj, YanaGou Partnership Addresses Brand Protection in China


November 12, 2019

Retail brand protection is about to be simplified

Impinj and Chinese e-commerce company, YanaGou, are partnering to develop an authentication platform that will bring a new level of brand protection for international retailers bringing products into China. 

Brand authenticity is a major factor when Chinese consumers make purchases, particularly from international brands. China introduced a comprehensive e-commerce law in 2019 to create a better enforcement mechanism to protect consumers, data, improve cybersecurity, and prevent false advertising.




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YanaGou is an e-commerce retail platform that sources goods directly from international brands and brings them directly to Chinese consumers, instead of through resellers, to decrease the risk of counterfeiting. YanaGou is able to do so by handling sourcing logistics, warehousing, and product authentication themselves. Impinj’s RAIN RFID solution will enable YanaGou to authenticate goods as they move through the supply chain.

Products will be tagged using Impinj RAIN RFID tag chips. These high-performance tag chips are reliable and can be read close-up or at a distance. Impinj RAIN RFID readers and gateways identify tagged items as they pass through the supply chain and the YanaGou platform will then authenticate these products via a cloud-based authentication application, the first of its kind for the Chinese market.

“We are pleased to work with YanaGou to address the need for brand protection in China,” said Jeff Dossett, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Impinj. “We see an increasing demand from brand owners who need to have an easy way to ensure product authenticity in today’s competitive and global retail marketplace.”

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