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Impinj Releases ItemSense 2018r2 RAIN RFID Software

Impinj announces ItemSense 2018r2 RAIN RFID software. This release includes new management capabilities, algorithm improvements, and enhanced security.

We are excited to announce ItemSense 2018r2, the latest software release with new management capabilities, algorithm improvements for shipment verification, and enhanced security for enterprise customers.

ItemSense is a distributed operating system for managing Impinj RAIN RFID readers and gateways. ItemSense transforms item-level RAIN RFID data into actionable business information - enabling business analytics and insight that drive strategic decisions.

Our partners wanted an easier, more cost-effective, and scalable solution for their customers and ItemSense now has advanced configuration, operation, management, and maintenance features with sophisticated algorithms for location, inventory, and threshold-detection use cases. ItemSense simplifies access to RAIN data through easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate open APIs for data integration directly into partner applications. With the newest release of the ItemSense software, our partners can bring even more actionable data to their customers.

What’s new in ItemSense 2018r2:

  • Enhanced software-defined capabilities
  • Simplified reader setup and configuration
  • Secured user communications

Enhanced software means ItemSense 2018r2 can do more, ultimately saving customers time and money. Instead of having to wait and run inventory and location jobs separately, with the new ItemSense update, running concurrent jobs is possible. Improvements to the threshold detection algorithm ensure more accurate tag transition data, including identifying the direction an item is traveling and through which door the item has passed. These algorithm improvements include support for a new overhead offset reader configuration at the dock door utilizing an xArray gateway reader.

In addition to the algorithm improvements, ItemSense 2018r2 has improved upon its centralized system management. Improved reader discovery, setup, and configuration make it easy to find new readers and install new firmware remotely. ItemSense 2018r2 is now equipped with enhanced security and authentication for enterprise deployments.

More information for developers is available at

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Monday, October 8, 2018