Impinj RAIN RFID Healthcare Solutions at HIMSS 2016


February 11, 2016

The HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition provides education and exhibitions on healthcare transformation through IT. Impinj will showcase innovative healthcare solutions in the Intelligent Health Pavilion at HIMSS in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 1-3, 2016.

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Impinj solutions help healthcare providers manage the flow of medical supplies, equipment and staff, keeping the focus on patient care and not on operational tasks. With these RAIN RFID solutions from Impinj, hospitals and other medical facilities can save time, reduce inventory spend, and improve patient care.

Intelligent Health Pavilion Demonstrations: Inventory Management, Patient Safety, Asset Tracking and Item Authentication

Tour the Intelligent Health Pavilion at HIMSS to see how we and our partners are delivering:

  • Real-time, always-on asset location and tracking data in a critical care/ICU environment.
  • Smart storage cabinets that monitor inventory and item usage.
  • Efficient patient room management that provides alerts when a room has been vacated and is ready for cleaning and preparation for the next patient.
  • Operating room supply management via smart trash cans that monitor and record supply usage for accurate and efficient billing and replenishment.

Speaking Session: Improve Patient Outcomes with RAIN RFID

On Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 at 12:15PM PST, Sandy Murti, Impinj Global Healthcare Lead will speak about how organizations are using RAIN RFID-based solutions to drive better outcomes for their patients while managing costs.  With over 20 billion RAIN RFID tags sold to date, this proven technology is now being used by healthcare providers to realize meaningful ROI in inventory management, asset optimization and patient flow improvement.  Real-world customer deployment examples will be used to illustrate how organizations can quickly derive benefit from these systems.

Improve Patient Outcomes with RAIN RFID

Time: March 1, 2016, 12:15PM PST

Location: IHP Stage at HIMSS



Impinj (NASDAQ: PI) helps businesses and people analyze, optimize, and innovate by wirelessly connecting billions of everyday things—such as apparel, automobile parts, luggage, and shipments—to the Internet. The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID to deliver timely data about these everyday things to business and consumer applications, enabling a boundless Internet of Things.

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