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Impinj Monza X-8K Dura Tag Chips Deliver Pivotal IoT Data Capabilities

Impinj Monza X chips help RAIN RFID solution providers break free of the constraints of direct power sources and LAN connectivity.

Introduced in 2012 to bring new capabilities to electronic devices, Impinj Monza X-8K Dura tag chips have helped provide reliable data on NASA spacecraft and critical medical equipment. These chips can help businesses track inventory, collect data, and connect items to the IoT.

What makes Monza X RAIN RFID chips so powerful?

Impinj Monza X Dura chips provide battery-less, passive RFID capabilities that can be embedded directly into a device’s circuit board and link to the device’s processor via a standard I2C bus, enabling the processor or RAIN RFID reader to read and write the chip’s memory even when the device is powered off.

Impinj Monza X Dura tag chips enable data logging, device configuration and upgrades, and IoT sensor applications. The chip's 8,192 bits of user memory provides enough space to hold information about a tagged device, whether it be retail inventory, hospital equipment, or an active satellite. With products that must withstand the test of time, but are critical in a moment’s notice, the Monza X-8K Dura’s smart features help enable long-term, long-lasting data collection, and smart sleep features.

This image showcases a satellite in orbit, illustrating the advanced monitoring capabilities of compact technology

Huge impact in small packages

The Impinj Monza X-8K Dura’s small size has made an impact on integrated technologies at the height of high-performance needs. By using the unique size and features of the Impinj Monza X-8K Dura chip, NASA engineers lightened their load, literally. Engineers were able to produce a lighter spacecraft and also wirelessly monitor hull temperatures of spacecraft during missions, ensuring accurate and secure mission data.

Imagine what the technology can do here on Earth

Seeonic, a 2019 RFID Journal Live Best New Product finalist, developed a standalone passive/active/cloud tag using the Monza X-8K Dura tag chip. The tag is designed to attach to hospital oxygen tanks and filters that need to be stored for long periods of time. Despite the sometimes lengthy storage, oxygen filters and their data are of the utmost importance at critical moments in hospitals, making the Monza X-8K Dura tag chip and its ultra-low energy consumption and remote event detection, an integral part of health care supply management.

In a clinical setting, a medical professional stands behind a pair of green oxygen tanks

Built to last with uncompromising accuracy

Unlike Bluetooth or cellular systems, which require batteries or other external power, Impinj Monza X Dura chips use RAIN RFID which is a battery-less, passive technology that allows the collection and storage of data even while a device is powered down. Seeonic realized that to ensure that assets with very long shelf-lives, low power consumption was imperative.

When every gram of mass counts, getting the smallest item without sacrificing performance is essential. NASA engineers recognized that the Monza X-8K Dura tag chip not only met their mass requirements for space travel but their performance requirements as well. These chips have the capability to process data for years.

Thursday, February 13, 2020