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Impinj: Innovating IoT with RAIN RFID and Connecting Billions of Things

Who is Impinj? What is RAIN RFID? Impinj co-founder and CEO Chris Diorio explains how by connecting everyday objects, we’re building a better Internet of Things.

Impinj is advancing the Internet of Things and inventing new ways to bring all things online. Our vision is a boundless IoT — a world where trillions of everyday items have a digital life, and people have seamless and engaging experiences with those items. 

We help businesses and people identify, locate, and authenticate the things that matter to them. Our customers rely on our products and solutions to increase revenue, improve workflows, and ultimately delight their customers. Together with our partners, we are extending the capabilities of IoT solutions to transform business operations using RAIN RFID.

What is RAIN RFID?

The Impinj platform uses a wireless connectivity standard called RAIN RFID. We connect items by delivering a miniature radio chip, smaller than a grain of sand, which our partners attach to small antennas that can go into or onto an item. 

That radio chip absorbs the energy it needs from the radio waves sent by a RAIN RFID reader or gateway. The chip is battery-free. It's readable at speeds up to 1,000 items per second, without line of sight, at a short distance or at a range of up to 10 meters. And the cost to add a RAIN RFID chip to an item is measured in pennies.

Our reader chips, readers, gateways, and essential software read those items and facilitate deployments.

What is possible with RAIN RFID?

Most people think of the Internet of Things as a network of powered electronic devices. But we see the potential to expand the internet’s reach by a factor of 1,000 by connecting everything. Literally, every thing — including unpowered items like retail apparel, parcels, auto parts, airline baggage, pallets, medical supplies, food, and more. 

We believe that, alongside our partner ecosystem, we can use RAIN RFID to enable ubiquitous connectivity for trillions of everyday items. We want to make the world a better place and empower people to engage with things through their entire lifecycle, from manufacture to the supply chain, to their home and, eventually, to recycling. 

Today, Impinj has enabled connectivity for more than 50 billion items. We are helping businesses drive digital transformation, reduce waste, and improve safety. We're excited about the opportunities in front of us, and we invite you to join us to see what’s possible when every thing is connected to the digital world.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2021