Impinj Expands RAIN RFID Reader Module Portfolio with Indy RS1000


May 5, 2017

Impinj continues to deliver more RAIN RFID connectivity options for OEMs and solution partners with the introduction of the Indy RS1000 surface-mount reader module. Impinj Indy reader modules provide a foundation for designing a wide range of devices that embed RAIN RFID read/write capability. The Indy RS1000 builds on the Indy RS500 capabilities with read range of up to six meters for moderate tag populations.The longer read range is possible because of higher transmit power and better receive sensitivity. Impinj's Good-Better-Best module portfolio enables a broad set of applications for industries including retail, healthcare, logistics, supply chain and industrial automation.  

Impinj indy reader module portfolio

As part of the Impinj platform, Indy reader modules enable bidirectional, wireless communications between applications and everyday items, allowing users to identify, locate, authenticate, and engage endpoints, or tagged items. Indy modules are ideal for applications that use proximity readers (Indy RS500), vicinity readers (Indy RS1000), or high-performance readers (Indy RS2000). Indy RS2000 surface-mount modules offers best-in-class performance with native support for up to four antenna ports, while the Indy RS500 and RS1000 modules offer a much smaller form factor with the same read-reliability for proximity and vicinity applications such as POS terminals and smart kiosks.

Indy reader modules offer several unique features that translate to unmatched benefits to customers:

  • All Indy modules are surface-mount which reduces size, mechanical interconnects, and manufacturing assembly costs.
  • Impinj Radio Interface (IRI) API and the IRI Tool Kit make system integration easy with portable C libraries, extensive example code and sample code.
  • Indy modules offer fast time-to-market benefits to enable customers to quickly test their products in the market.
  • Indy modules provide a path to future cost optimization with an easy migration to an Indy chip design due to common architecture, development tools and APIs.

Another benefit to users is access to Impinj's integrated RAIN RFID platform spanning endpoints, connectivity, and software. By building a solution on the Impinj platform, customers gain enhanced functionality with the best overall readability and better data integrity.  Organizations around the world use the Impinj platform to connect items to applications, enabling the Internet of Things. By using Indy modules or our other connectivity devices to connect everyday items to applications, companies can improve efficiencies, increase sales, and delight customers.

Existing Indy RS500 users will be able to quickly offer higher performance with their existing hardware due to Indy RS1000's drop-in compatibility. OEMs will now be able to leverage a single hardware design for both low cost and performance applications. Pre-production samples will be available in late Q2 with production in the 2nd half of 2017.  

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Impinj (NASDAQ: PI) wirelessly connects billions of everyday items such as apparel, medical supplies, and automobile parts to consumer and business applications such as inventory management, patient safety, and asset tracking. The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID to deliver timely information about these items to the digital world, thereby enabling the Internet of Things.

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