How Innovative Retailers are Transforming the Shopping Experience


June 6, 2016

At the 2016 Future Stores Conference held in Seattle, WA, Impinj Vice President of Business Development Larry Arnstein was joined on stage by Joyce Lee, Retail Innovation Lead for Google Enterprise and Nate Curtis, Head of Client Relations for Withme.

Department store interior display

Their panel “Put Inventory to Work: How Innovative Retailers are Transforming the Shopping Experience” highlighted two different but equally compelling visions for the role of RAIN RFID in retail’s future. Focusing on the buy-now button and local inventory ads, Joyce described the power of local inventory ads to drive foot traffic and shopper conversion, noting that 30% of mobile searches are location-based but 1 in 4 customers avoid going to physical stores because they don’t believe the product is in stock. As a consequence, Google has taken an interest in working with retailers to improve inventory accuracy using the Impinj platform, giving retailers more confidence to expose store inventory to on-line and mobile shoppers.  

But RAIN RFID isn’t just for inventory accuracy. Withme uses the Impinj platform in a wide range of in-store experiences as part of a complete reimagining of physical retail. Withme has created pop-up stores that can be inhabited by any brand with a few clicks of a mouse. These pop-up stores, and a permanent location at the Santa Monica mall, include RAIN RFID based fitting rooms, self-checkout stations, active tables, pixel walls, and immersive virtual reality all designed to integrate seamlessly the physical and digital shopping experience. The beauty of Withme’s pop-up concept is that brands and retailers can experiment with these innovative, RAIN RFID enabled shopping experiences without disrupting their existing business.

Google and Withme represent a compelling vision of what RAIN RFID can deliver for the future of retail. Find out the potential results a RAIN RFID solution can achieve in your business by trying the Impinj Retail ROI Calculator.


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