Hospitality Use of RAIN RFID Reduces Laundry Cost and Shrink


July 18, 2013

Laundry facilities receive tens of thousands of linens, uniforms, bathrobes, bedsheets a month—you name it, they wash it. For hospitality establishments, making sure they get back the laundry they send in can be difficult given the volume; and any mishaps exponentially more costly. 

Laundry facility tracks inventory with RAIN RFID

In an attempt to better track laundered items, hotels, fitness clubs, casinos, and theme parks around the world are rapidly turning to RAIN RFID to decrease shrinkage, automate linen management and distribution, and increase visibility into  garments’ laundering and usage. And while some may think technology and water don’t mix, RAIN RFID is surprisingly flexible:

  • Tiny, low-cost RAIN RFID chips, like those in our Monza line, are sewn into tags onto the laundry, creating an endpoint
  • These endpoints are read by scanners, like our Gateways, which can be mounted anywhere—doorways, laundry shoots, overhead, or in towel dispensing cabinets
  • Gateways pick up the unique information embedded in the RAIN RFID chips recording when items, like towels, have been returned properly,
  • Software collects this information to allow for self-service uniform checkouts, or alerting management to the number of times an item can withstand washing before needing to be replaced

Sewn-in tags help track garments, linens, towels, and more

  • Keeping Disney’s magic clean
    Disney found massive savings by switching from scanning barcodes to an automated RAIN RFID solution for the three million plus garments and accessories they launder. RAIN RFID tags, sewn into costumes, track items to and from laundry facilities and enable cast members to check out uniforms at self-service kiosks where RAIN RFID readers have been installed.
  • Reducing towel theft at fitness centers, health clubs, and gyms
    The courtesy towels offered at gyms and health clubs may sometimes sound like “free” towels to clients, whose theft—accidental or otherwise—can leave facilities with hundreds of lost items every month. With a RAIN RFID solution that tracks towel usage by member, gyms can charge reparations for stolen or improperly returned towels can be charged accordingly. For gyms, this can mean huge reductions in shrink.
  • Tracking high volumes of linens in hotels and resorts
    Managing uniforms for hundreds and thousands of workers—not to mention additional linens like bedsheets and tablecloths— is a laborious process simply because of the sheer volume of items. Hotels and resorts need precise numbers to ensure they always have enough clean linens without overstocking. Washable RAIN RFID tags sewn onto items let staff know by tracking laundry as it moves in and out of off-site facilities and delivering important information back to management’s inventory systems. 



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