Heilan Home Expands with Inventory Tracking from Factory to Floor


March 24, 2020

Heilan Home is a rapidly-expanding affordable luxury clothing and home goods company, with over 6,000 retail stores spread across China. But rapid growth comes with challenges in scaling logistics and labor, particularly in tracking millions of assets as they make their way from factories to the customer’s home. In response, Heilan turned to RAIN RFID to streamline their logistics and retail customer experience.

Streamlined from Factory to Floor

Starting in 2014, Heilan Home worked with Impinj to integrate RAIN RFID into their entire product journey, with significant improvements throughout their supply chain and millions of dollars saved.

As a result, 400 clothing labels can be read in 5 seconds at the warehouse, rapidly speeding up the sorting and scanning process while improving the accuracy—all without ever opening or scanning a box. Once products reach stores, employees are already prepared with handheld RAIN RFID readers to scan in inventory.




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The Benefits Flow Downstream

Integrating RAIN RFID at the beginning of the supply chain improved every following step, creating a chain reaction of improvements: overall labor costs were reduced by two-thirds, warehouse intake capacity increased five times, and retail employees are now able to perform inventory ten times faster. According to China Daily, the technology helped Heilan Group, Heilan Home’s parent company, cross a significant revenue milestone.

Most important, however, is the improvement in customer experience: with up-to-the-minute inventory data available at their fingertips, and fewer hours wasted on inventory, employees are available to give customers an experience fitting the luxury of their products.

Want to learn more about how each step was improved? Read the whole customer story here.


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