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Five Companies Using RAIN RFID to Increase Productivity

Learn how you can use RAIN RFID solutions to increase productivity no matter what industry you are in.

Everyone wants their business to run smoothly. No matter what industry you are in, strategic applications of RAIN RFID can increase productivity and lower costs. Looking to increase inventory accuracy? No problem. Want up-to-the-minute monitoring of your manufacturing assets? We can do that. Take a look at these and other ways RAIN RFID can take your business to the next level.

RAIN RFID technology elevates customer experience at Heathrow Airport 

There are a million ways traveling can be frustrating, but not being able to transport your bags through the airport doesn’t have to be one of them. Using a RAIN RFID solution, luggage carts at Heathrow Airport are in the hands of travelers right when they need them.

Each cart is outfitted with a RAIN RFID tag chip which is read by strategically located Impinj xPortals as they move through the airport. This system alerts airport staff when carts are low. xPortal readers also track movement of carts over time, helping airport staff anticipate where carts will move throughout the day. Ultimately, airport staff can feel confident about travelers getting to where they need to be without having to worry about how they will get their luggage there too.

How Volvo increased accuracy in manufacturing

There are hundreds of parts to any car and it is essential for manufacturers to be able to know everything about their assembly lines. That’s where RAIN RFID comes in.

At the Volvo manufacturing plant, RAIN RFID platforms increase visibility in a difficult to read place. Here’s how they do it: Confidex Corona RAIN RFID tags, featuring the Impinj Monza R6 tag chip, is affixed to the chassis of each car going down the line. Tags are read by fixed readers throughout the plant. Collected data is then made available to help management determine where they can optimize operations and ensure the correct car is undergoing the correct process at the right time.

Reducing errors and labor at North Mississippi Medical Center

Accuracy and speed are paramount in any doctors office. Having up-to-the-minute information on medications benefits both patients and doctors. That’s why North Mississippi Medical Center turned to a RAIN RFID asset management solution to maintain their medication inventory.

Each medication is outfitted with RAIN RFID tag-chips that hold information about expiration dates and usage information. Medication is stored in smart cabinets with embedded Impinj Speedway readers that read tags when a medication is put into and taken out of the cabinet. This lets doctors and nurses know what they have on hand and when they need to order more. Additionally, the readers can also keep track of medications expiration dates so telling what is good and what is expired now is faster and more accurate.

How Alvero maintains accurate count of inventory 

Needing a large amount of stock to satisfy your customers needs is great. Counting it all is not. Furniture rental company Alvero has massive amounts of furniture leaving and returning to their warehouses every day, and keeping track of it was tough. But, knowing where their stock was at any given time was a cinch with their RAIN RFID solution.

Impinj Speedway R420 readers at warehouse doors tracked when each item left and returned to the warehouse. So, knowing what was in stock was no longer a mystery. Inventory data is then sent directly to Alvero’s ERP systems so everything they needed to know about their warehouse can be found in one place. Overall, this upgrade increased Alvero’s stock number accuracy and decreased the need for frustrating manual inventory counts.

Undiz brings shopping to the future 

French retailer, Undiz, is turning shopping into a simple yet futuristic experience for both customers and staff. Undiz is changing the way we think about brick and mortar shopping.

Customers can select items before they even get into their local Undiz store on their mobile app. Once they the store, beacons read their selections from the Undiz app and in under two minutes a pneumatic tube delivers their pre-selected items to an Undiz in-store kiosk. Not only is this a truly new, fun way to shop, their RAIN RFID solution accurately maintains stock numbers which ultimately cuts down on inventory management costs.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018