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Confidex Launches New Label Based on Impinj M730 Tag Chip

Confidex introduces the Crosswave Neo, a new label featuring a 360-degree read angle for reliable, high-volume logistics based on the Impinj M730 tag chip.

Impinj partner Confidex recently introduced the Crosswave Neo, a new label featuring dual-dipole behavior and a 360-degree read angle for reliable, high volume logistics visibility. The Crosswave Neo is based on the Impinj M730 tag chip, part of the Impinj M700 series.

The Crosswave Neo is the latest in the Go family of Confidex’s RAIN RFID label products. Featuring patented dual-dipole behavior, this new tag enables fast, reliable reads in high volume conditions—even when the label orientation varies. That means labels can be read at 360 degrees in a fast-moving environment, without concern for the orientation of packages or cartons. However, unlike traditional dual-dipole RFID labels, the Crosswave Neo does not require the traditional dual-port IC for omnidirectional reading. Instead, Crosswave Neo provides constant 360-degree reading performance and polarization with a single port, from any and all orientations, even when using linear reader antennas.  

“Innovation is part of our DNA and embedded into our company core values. We are proud to release the 1st of its kind, Crosswave Neo, as the latest member of our Go Family, engineered for fast and reliable performance at an affordable price,” says Miika Pylvänäinen, Confidex’s Director of Product Line RFID. 

>>Learn more about the Crosswave Neo on Confidex's website

About the Impinj M700 Series
The Impinj M700 series, including Impinj M730 and M750 tag chips, provides high performance, fast inventory capability, and advanced features that are ideal for retail and supply chain and logistics applications. These chips can be attached to or embedded in nearly any item, globally, to enable solutions for high-speed inventory counting, loss prevention with frictionless self-checkout, and embedded tagging with seamless product returns.

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Monday, May 17, 2021