Companies Save Millions with RAIN RFID Asset Management


April 23, 2018

Managing physical assets such as IT equipment, shipping pallets, or building materials is an expensive endeavor, both in material and labor costs. But RAIN RFID can significantly reduce costs associated with asset management!

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USPTO Sees Return on Investment
For example, in less than two years, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) saved nearly $1.1 million in asset management costs using a RAIN RFID solution built on the Impinj platform.

The USPTO achieved the following ROI since deploying the solution in 2016:

  • Reduced property custodian labor cost by nearly 80%, equivalent to around 6,000 hours
  • Reduced monthly inventory cycle count time from ten to five days
  • Achieved 99.9% reduction in asset loss
  • Saved approximately $1.1 million USD in asset management costs

Johnson Controls Retains Valuable Assets
Johnson Controls also saw results after deploying a RAIN RFID solution to ensure their costly shipping containers were returned in a timely manner. After deploying a solution featuring Impinj Speedway readers, Johnson Controls saw:

  • 99% read accuracy rate of tagged items
  • Increased visibility of their shipping container inventory

Cisco Reduces Costly Human Errors
Cisco Systems is another great example. Cisco uses RAIN RFID to automatically monitor the movement and location of blade servers and other IT assets to help reduce human errors. This automated asset tracking system resulted in:

  • Accurate, hands-free tracking of IT assets
  • Automatic records of asset movement and inventory counts
  • Delivery of key data and information to asset management system

Explore our library of customer stories to see other great examples of why businesses like USPTO, Cisco, and Johnson Controls turn to Impinj to improve asset visibility and reduce operating costs.


Impinj (NASDAQ: PI) wirelessly connects billions of everyday items such as apparel, medical supplies, and automobile parts to consumer and business applications such as inventory management, patient safety, and asset tracking. The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID to deliver timely information about these items to the digital world, thereby enabling the Internet of Things.

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