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Chainway Reveals Next-Gen RAIN RFID Products Built with Impinj E710, E510, E310

Impinj partner Chainway announced the launch of a wide range of high-performance RAIN RFID devices built with the new Impinj E710, E510, and E310 reader chips.

Impinj gold partner Chainway recently announced the launch of a wide range of RAIN RFID products powered by the new Impinj E710, E510, and E310 reader chips.

Built with Impinj E710 reader chips, the first upcoming products that Chainway announced are:

  • C72 Handheld RFID Reader — The Chainway C72 is an Android-based rugged reader built with the Impinj E710 reader chip, which enables an outdoor read distance of 15 meters. It is designed for intensive applications like warehousing, expressway tolling, fleet management, and more.
  • C66 Handheld RFID Reader — The Chainway C66 reader is a well-built handheld terminal integrated with the Impinj E710 chip. Equipped with features like high sensitivity and stability, and remarkable configurations and accessories, it is suitable for adoption across retail, supply chain and logistics, and several other industries.
  • C61 Handheld RFID Reader — The Chainway C61 reader is a handheld terminal built with the Impinj E710 chip, enabling its long distance, large-scale, and bulk tag-reading ability with accuracy, stability, and speed. This device can be implemented in various industries including logistics, manufacturing, and retail.
  • MR20 Wearable RFID Reader — A next-generation compact and wearable RAIN RFID reader, the Chainway MR20 can be operated together with gloves, lanyards, or wristbands. It uses Bluetooth to connect with Android and iOS devices, enabling powerful data-collection and transmission functions.
  • R5 Wearable RFID Reader — The Chainway R5 is a lightweight, wearable reader built with the Impinj E710 chip, with a read distance of over 9 meters. It allows user information interaction via Bluetooth, coordinated with an app or SDK. It can also be paired with Android and iOS devices.
  • R6 RFID Sled Reader — Built with the Impinj E710 chip, the Chainway R6 has a 10-meter outdoor read distance and can be paired with terminals and Android- and iOS-based smartphones for data collection. This handheld and easily detachable reader can be used for power patrol inspection, apparel cycle counting, asset management, and other tasks.
  • CPR30 RFID printer — The Chainway CPR30 is the latest compact, easy-to-operate, and reliable desktop printer that adopts high precision and efficient thermal transfer printing technology. It supports printing for a wide range of applications including bar codes, RFID labels, invoices, and wristbands, meeting the printing needs of a large variety of industries. 

About the New Impinj Reader Chips

The Impinj E710, E510, and E310 reader chips are high-performance, low-power, highly integrated systems-on-chips (SoCs) that extend the item connectivity opportunity to hundreds of billions of things worldwide—including apparel, parcels, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, and more. These three new RAIN RFID reader chips enable IoT device makers to meet the increasing demand for item connectivity in retail, supply chain and logistics, consumer electronics, and many other markets.

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Thursday, July 22, 2021