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Beyond Retail & the Supply Chain: CAEN RFID and Impinj Talk RFID

What is the future of the Internet of Things? Impinj and CAEN RFID discuss how visibility enabled by RAIN RFID can transform operations for businesses and consumer experiences beyond retail and the supply chain.

Only 0.2% of connectable items are connected to the internet today, but it is possible to expand the internet's reach by a factor of 1,000. Stefano Coluccini of CAEN RFID and Matt Branda of Impinj recently came together for an event on the growth of RAIN RFID and how the use of the technology is expanding beyond retail and logistics.  CAEN RFID, an Impinj gold partner and a leader in automatic identification (AutoID) and RAIN RFID technology, designs RAIN RFID products using Impinj chips. CAEN RFID started using Impinj Indy series reader chips from the first release and continues to be an early adopter of new Impinj products. 

During the webinar, both companies discussed their shared vision for a boundless Internet of Things — and how to extend RAIN RFID connections to deliver ROI to businesses and a delightful experience to consumers across industries. You can watch a recording on the event website, and read our thoughts below.

New products are changing the market

Boundless IoT is bringing digital life to trillions of everyday items by connecting them to the cloud. RAIN RFID can connect things using no battery power, for only pennies per connection. These connections can provide rich data, and we’re only just discovering what is possible when you leverage these connections. 

Several new Impinj products are supporting the next generation of RAIN RFID solutions. Impinj M700 series chips enable readers to read tagged items faster and from farther away, bringing game-changing advancements and reliability to large-scale global deployments. 

The Impinj E700 series, the newest generation of Impinj reader chips, feature nearly twice the receive sensitivity, an 80% smaller system design, and 50% lower chip power consumption. These advancements allow manufacturers to easily embed high-performance RAIN connectivity into IoT devices that are smaller and consume less power. As a result, Impinj partners can develop a broad portfolio of devices to support current and emerging use cases beyond the more common uses in retail and logistics, according to Matt Branda, Vice President of Product at Impinj. “There are a lot of opportunities that extend well beyond just barcode replacement in connecting really everything. RAIN RFID is extending the internet of things well beyond the internet of devices. Connecting everyday items benefits businesses as well as consumers.”

CAEN RFID recently launched new Lepton modules, based on these new Impinj reader chips. These modules are multi-regional, so they can be configured to work in almost any part of the world. They are also built to permit scalability and make it easy to design the rest of the device.

The future of IoT

RAIN RFID is already a mature solution in retail, supply chain, aviation, and healthcare, but we’re only beginning to uncover the technology’s  possibilities in more industries and personal use. As a gold partner, CAEN RFID is an early adopter of Impinj's latest releases and has worked closely with Impinj to build unique solutions for newer business applications and personal uses.

Already, CAEN RFID and Impinj have launched products that change how customers buy soft drinks, purchase groceries, play sports, automatically refuel their cars, and even monitor spacecraft. With products like wearable readers and handheld printers already available, future use cases are as boundless as the IoT.

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Friday, November 12, 2021