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Advancing RAIN RFID in Healthcare Impinj Joins the DoseID Consortium

Impinj expands its focus on RAIN RFID applications in healthcare through collaboration with the DoseID Consortium and its members.

Impinj has joined the DoseID Consortium to expand its focus on RAIN radio-frequency identification (RAIN RFID) applications in healthcare and develop standards for RAIN RFID healthcare use. DoseID is a member-driven industry consortium with representatives from leading pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and hospitals. Impinj shares DoseID’s mission and vision of facilitating industry-wide collaboration for RAIN RFID healthcare standards and use. 

Impinj partners with healthcare providers that use its RAIN RFID products to deliver solutions to better manage assets and inventory which result in:

  • automated systems to help keep patients and staff safe
  • improved patient care
  • reduced costs
  • increased efficiencies

Solutions built by Impinj partners are designed to work within an existing healthcare setting, support compliance with procedures and regulations, and make the work of caring for patients easier.

“RAIN RFID-based solutions in hospitals and healthcare help organizations focus on caring for patients. We are excited to join the DoseID Consortium to help advance their healthcare vision,” said Impinj Vice President of Advanced Technology Megan Brewster. “Our RAIN RFID products help healthcare providers operate with confidence, knowing that systems are in place to automate inventory management, track uniforms and bed linens, streamline patient care, and help keep caregivers safe. DoseID enables the healthcare industry to further standardize RAIN RFID use and empowers us to continue inventing.”

DoseID is pleased that Impinj has joined our consortium to help spread the use of RFID in healthcare to track drug products, instruments, and supplies and improve outcomes... We look forward to Impinj sharing its knowledge as we further the DoseID specification.

Tim Kress-Spatz, President of DoseID

Learn more about Impinj-enabled solutions for healthcare at

Learn more about the DoseID Consortium at

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Tuesday, February 15, 2022