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Silver Partner

Guangzhou Rovinj Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Focusing on RFID solutions for over 10 years and providing integrated RFID equipment including, RFID tunnel machine, smart tool trolley, hazardous chemicals cabinet, medical cabinets, and more.

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About Guangzhou Rovinj Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2012, Guangzhou Rovinj Mdt InfoTech Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development of software, hardware, and system integration for the RFID industry. With rapid and stable economic growth and iterative and innovative scientific research products, we have already become one of the leading RFID application experts in China. Our main products include RFID scanning tunnel machines, RFID smart tool management equipment, RFID smart cabinets, and RFID all-in-one equipment. In addition, we offer RFID fast scanning tunnel solutions, RFID smart tool management solutions, smart hazardous chemicals management, RFID medical consumables management solutions, and more


Room 301, Building G, 228 Creative Park, 10-1 Xiaogang Garden Road, Yuncheng Street, Baiyun District Guangzhou, Guangdong Province China 510410

Industry Focus:Supply Chain & Logistics

Impinj Products: Impinj Readers and Gateways

Partner Operates In: APAC

Primary Impinj Partner Network Track: Reseller

Authorized Reseller: Yes

Partner Products

System Software
RFID Single-Box Tunnel Machine
System Software

The ROV-SC201 tunnel is a fast scanning tunnel machine. Integrated with R700 reader, it can reach a high effeiciency to scan a thousand of tags in a few seconds, helping factory to check the products outbound in batch. It has been widly used in many brand factories especially in apparel industry.

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Partner Solutions

RFID Smart Tool Management
Air Transportation Impinj Readers and Gateways

This is a high-efficiency and accurate tool management solution enabled by RFID technology. Just put the RFID-tagged tools into our smart tool trolley, smart tool cabinet, or smart toolbox, and the inventory is tracked as it is added or removed. Upon user login, all use of the tools will be automatically recorded and the user information with borrowing/returning details, and real-time inventory, can be reported. Inventory tracking for hundreds of tools can be done within 3 seconds.

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RFID Fast Scanning Tunnel Machine
Supply Chain & Logistics Impinj Readers and Gateways

Using our RFID tunnel machine, which is integrated with an RFID reader, a large batch of goods can be scanned in a few seconds (up to 1000+pcs within 3s). The highly efficient stock checking can help you identify the wrong items in a carton. Especially suitable for laundry, garment warehouses, and other industries.

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RFID Medical Consumables Management
Healthcare & Life Sciences Impinj Readers and Gateways

This is a high-efficiency and accurate medical consumables management solution enabled by RFID technology. All RFID-tagged consumables in our RFID smart cabinet can be tracked. As users take and return consumables, our cabinet will automatically record them and generate reports of the activities, stock-in/out details, and real-time inventory. The cabinet will also check the low stock and expired items, and generate a consumables replenishment report for managers.

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RFID Hazardous Chemicals Management
Other Impinj Readers and Gateways

This is a solution for full life cycle tracking of hazardous chemicals. Just put the chemicals attached with RFID tags into our smart explosion-proof cabinet, which is integrated with RFID reader and antennas. The cabinet will automatically record the chemicals users, stock-in/out details, etc. Realize an accurate tracking and safety control for each chemicals, which is greatly helpful to avoid laboratory accidents.

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