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Barcodes LLC

Barcodes, Inc. is a North American leader in barcode and RFID supply chain, retail, healthcare, and government solutions.

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About Barcodes LLC

Who we are: Barcodes, Inc. is North America's leading provider of barcode, mobile computing, and RFID solutions. Since 1994 we have worked hard to earn a reputation for being dedicated, reliable, and customer-oriented. Additionally, we are product experts with deep experience in field mobility, inventory, and point-of-sale solutions. We owe our success to you the customer! Barcodes, Inc. continues to grow year after year. We have one overriding objective: focus on you, the customer. We work hard to listen carefully and tailor our solutions to meet your needs. Then, we make ordering easy for you while providing great value. Our goal is to build a growing relationship with you, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you


200 W Monroe St Chicago, Illinois United States 60606-5075

Industry Focus:Supply Chain & Logistics

Impinj Products: Impinj Readers and Gateways

Partner Operates In: EMEA LATAM North America

Primary Impinj Partner Network Track: Reseller

Authorized Reseller: Yes

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Impinj Platform

Partner Solutions

File Tracking and Evidence Tracking
Government Impinj Readers and Gateways

Using readers and asset management software, track evidence, serial numbers, and locations while maximizing workforce productivity and eliminating manual errors.

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Retail - Tracking & Loss Prevention
Retail Impinj Readers and Gateways

An efficient supply chain operation ensures that goods can be delivered to the place and time when consumers are ready to purchase. Potential gains from RFID include lower inventory levels, reduced labor costs, and increased sales.

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Healthcare - Pharmacy and Patient Tracking
Healthcare & Life Sciences Impinj Readers and Gateways

With shrinking margins, evolving compliance requirements, and new healthcare plans, taking advantage of technology solutions will help reduce operating costs while providing more value and expanded services.

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Warehouse Management / Inventory Control
Supply Chain & Logistics Impinj Readers and Gateways

Whether you need a sophisticated WMS with omni-channel capabilities or a system that automates cycle counting with RFID technology, you can rely on our experts to identify a solution that’s tailored to your environment.

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Asset Tracking and Tool Tracking
Manufacturing Impinj Readers and Gateways

Using the combination of readers and asset management software, you will be able to speed up your audit tasks and conduct your asset tracking in real-time.

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