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Don’t Get Left Behind — Comply with Walmart's Expanding RFID Mandate Now

Walmart’s expanded RFID tagging requirement is impacting more suppliers than ever before — is your business ready? If you’re not tagging items with RAIN RFID before shipping to Walmart’s distribution centers, you risk failed deliveries and compliance penalties. 

Our new guide, “5 Steps to Walmart RFID Compliance” walks you through getting started and extracting maximum value from RFID. Don't delay — download the guide now to: 

  • Learn best practices for selecting RFID tags and reading strategies 
  • Discover opportunities to integrate RFID tracking upstream in your operations 
  • Explore powerful use cases for optimizing manufacturing, distribution, and retail 
Download the guide today and speak with our RFID experts to accelerate your path to compliance and unlock transformative operational improvements. 
Ready to get compliant? Download the guide to:
Learn best practices for selecting RFID tags and reading strategies

Accelerate your path to compliance by understanding how to create a basic item-level RAIN RFID tagging program that is ARC certified and meets GS1 standards. 

Discover opportunities to integrate RFID tracking into your operations

With item-level tagging, you gain real-time visibility into your inventory — how much, where it’s located, and where it’s going — boosting efficiency and accuracy and unlocking powerful insights. 

Explore powerful use cases for maximizing RFID

Don’t just meet the mandate, extract the maximum value from RFID. Connect with our RFID experts to not only comply with Walmart's RFID mandate but make transformative operational improvements throughout your organization.


Speak with a RAIN RFID expert

Impinj RAIN RFID experts are here to help you define, design, and deploy a RAIN RFID tagging program that not only meets Walmart’s requirements, but also streamlines your operations and unlocks powerful insights. 

Reach out to an Impinj RAIN RFID expert to: 

  • Understand your product tagging needs 
  • Achieve the best RFID ROI for your operation 
  • Understand the basics of RAIN RFID technology 
  • Connect you with experts in the Impinj Partner Network to help you build an RFID tagging and reading strategy