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Silver Partner

Northern Apex

Northern Apex is a leading provider of automated data collection, systems monitoring, warehouse tracking solutions, information delivery, and RFID inventory management systems.

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About Northern Apex

Northern Apex was established in 1998, as a strategic part of the Fort Wayne Indiana based Adaptive Technologies Group which was founded in 1989. The founding mission of Northern Apex was to offer an engineering team focused on automating the tracking and delivery of the critical data needed for control and management of personnel, materials and equipment. Today, Adaptive Technologies includes over 120 engineers, technicians, project managers, and assembly team members whose only goal is to make our clients more productive. We do this by offering a wide range of automation solutions and product enhancement services. We have delivered over 6000 unique projects to date and have customers ranging from medical, automotive, electronics, energy, and distribution. The Northern Apex group delivers world class solutions to our clients so they can gain in profitability, market position, and maintain a leading competitive advantage


14220 Plank St Fort Wayne, Indiana United States 46818-9092

Industry Focus:Manufacturing

Impinj Products: Impinj Readers and Gateways

Partner Operates In: North America

Primary Impinj Partner Network Track: Reseller

Authorized Reseller: Yes

Partner Products

Tool Track Software
Manufacturing Software

Bring a proven, established tool and asset tracking solution to your facility. The Northern Apex tool and part tracking solution has met the tracking, safety and accountability requirements in one of the most strictly regulated industries in the world — nuclear power. In addition to our kitted solution, we regularly create custom solutions that incorporate barcodes, camera imaging, and RFID as needed to ensure the highest levels of accountability and traceability for your tools and other assets. This same established Check-In/Check-Out solution can be adapted and customized for your facility and team. • Tool Crib • Test, Calibration, and Instrumentation • Armory • Item Rental • Foreign Material Exclusion (FME)

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Presence Personnel Tracking for Access Control, Labor Tracking and Safety
Manufacturing Software

Presence Personnel Tracking Software Suite with specific breakout modules addressing different aspects of workforce labor tracking and personnel safety measures. -Location Tracking and Access Control: The system provides instant visibility as individuals enter and leave a facility, defined area, production line, warehouse, office, lunchroom, and more. -EvacSafe Software for Mustering and Emergency Evacuation Headcount: In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation, EvacSafe provides information on the personnel present at the mustering point and identifies missing employees or facility visitors in seconds without requiring badge swipes or manual checklists. -Task Track Software for Labor, Time and Attendance Tracking: A data capture device installed at a workstation or defined area allows you to monitor which employees are present and for how long. This provides measurements of labor efficiency and allows insights into workflow productivity. -ID-Locate Software for Disaster Relief: The ID-Locate software solution was developed to help the organizations track people affected by hurricane, flood, fire, or other large-scale disaster as they are relocated to temporary housing, and receive food, water, and blankets to meet their immediate needs.

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CabineTrack - Cabinet Tracking Software
Manufacturing Software

Our wood product solutions give insight and help manage the flow of material from receipt, through manufacturing to shipping the final product. We offer our customers the most tested/deployed and flexible system-wide RFID solutions in the industry. Included in our wood production solution set is CabineTrack™ which is designed specifically for cabinet manufacturers. We also offer solutions for the following wood manufacturing industries: Doors - Windows - Furniture - Laminates - Casegoods. Our software host application is designed to feed data directly into your ERP and shop-floor database. It includes an easy to use control panel and menu that performs database updating using the data collected by the Northern Apex Corporation encoding and reader stations.

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Galaxy Track™ Asset Tracking Software Suite
Manufacturing Software

The GalaxyTrack™ software suite is scalable, flexible, and cost effective. Whether your application requires automated input using barcode technology or a complete enterprise RFID solution, GalaxyTrack™ is the answer. Based on a SQL architecture, GalaxyTrack™ delivers immediate value by communicating directly to a wide variety of business systems including SAP, Oracle, SQL, and others.

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Partner Solutions

Hercules Base Unit Hub
Manufacturing Impinj Readers and Gateways

RFID Reader—EDGE Multiple Operator Process Controller. Ready to field NEMA 4 ruggedized industrial RFID reader system includes industrial Windows PC, 24V power supply and digital I/O for controlling external conveyors, actuators, motors etc. Central control and distribution point for HMI and RFID reads enabling a single main enclosure to support up to 8 PC’s for operator interfaces and associated antennas. Typical uses are dock door and distribution centers, and multiple operator inspection areas.

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Mobile Data Capture Cart
Manufacturing Impinj Readers and Gateways

The Mobile Data Capture Cart is a versatile, stand-alone unit that can be customized to fit your application. Now you can bring mobility to functions like Check-In/Check-Out, Triggered Print and Apply, Cycle Counting, Dock Door Portals, barcode scanning RFID tag verification, and serialization. The Mobile Data Capture Cart flexibly integrates with your current manufacturing configuration. Position the unit where you need it—at a production line, dock door, or critical process station.

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RG500™ Mini Handheld RFID Reader
Manufacturing Impinj Reader Chips and Modules

The RG500 is an economy-priced, rechargeable, handheld, Bluetooth enabled, RFID tag reader. Read the numeric information right from the tag or use the Bluetooth connection to link to a back-end system and display alphanumeric information from your server.

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Dorado 400 Embedded & Dorado 400 PC
Manufacturing Impinj Readers and Gateways

Dorado 400 Embedded—Ready to field NEMA 4 ruggedized industrial RFID reader system includes embedded Windows .NET intelligence, display and keypad interface, 24V power supply, and digital I/O for controlling external conveyors, actuators, motors etc. Optional light stack and scrolling display. Dorado 400 PC—NEMA 4 Ruggedized industrial RFID reader system includes industrial Windows PC, 24V power supply, and digital I/O for controlling external conveyors, actuators, etc.

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