Partner Program Key Benefits

Partner tiers provide dierentiated program benefits. The following provide descriptions of benefits that partners have access to:

Impinj Partner Portal

The Impinj Partner Portal is a web-based resource accessible by all partners. The Impinj Partner Portal provides a one-stop-shop for announcements, sales enablement tools, deal registration, training programs, and more.

Deal Registration

By registering deals within the Impinj Partner Portal, partners can receive a discount on Impinj software, gateways, readers, and accessories. The discount is provided through an authorized Impinj distributor in your region. This base-level discount is a healthy margin for your business and rewards you when you sell Impinj products to your customers. Please refer to the Impinj Deal Registration Terms and Conditions for more details.

Sales Enablement Resources

All partners have access to the Impinj marketing assets available on the Impinj Partner Portal and website. Available resources include ebooks, videos, product briefs, and more. Sales enablement tools such as battle cards, presentations, whitepapers, ROI calculators, etc. are also available to help your sales team accelerate and close deals.

Partner Recognition

All partners receive an Impinj Partner logo badge for display on their websites, presentations, tradeshow displays, and marketing collateral in compliance with the Impinj Partner Badge Usage Guidelines. In addition, Gold partners receive an Impinj Partner Plaque and have the opportunity to showcase their company logo on the Impinj website.


Impinj oers both online and classroom-based training providing you an opportunity to increase your implementation skills and become a trusted advisor for your customers. Online courses are a convenient way to gain a foundational understanding of both RAIN RFID and Impinj’s market leading product portfolio. Our classroom-based, instructor-led training in North America and Europe provides in-depth courses which span several days and include a hands-on lab. They’re an excellent way to dig deeper into the technology behind the Impinj platform.

Technical Support

All partners have access to the troubleshooting guides, technical documentation, firmware/software updates on the Impinj Support Portal ( Limited technical support is also available through our distributors. Gold & Silver partners are also eligible to receive support from Impinj Solution Engineers. Impinj Solution Engineers are responsible for providing demo support, technical assistance, and general product support during the pre-sales process. Solution Engineers can be available for travel to Gold partner or end customer locations for technical discussions. Requests for Impinj Solution Engineer support are subject to Impinj Channel Sales Manager approval. Partner Program Requirements

Explore All Select Benefits

All select partner benefits, and the following:

Demo Unit and Evaluation Kit Discounts

Gold and Silver partners have access to the Demonstration Unit/Evaluation Kit Discount Program (depending on geographic region). These programs provide partners the ability to purchase a limited number of discounted reader and gateways per calendar year for internal use, testing, training, and demonstration purposes. . To determine which program is available in your region, please contact your Impinj partner representative. Please see the Terms & Conditions of the Demo Unit Program and Evaluation Kit Program for more information.

All select and silver benefits, and the following:

Impinj Platform Services Points

Our Platform Services team delivers a comprehensive set of services designed to help you win more business. Gold partners receive three service points which can be applied towards the Impinj Platform Services Guidance and Assistance Program, a Feasibility Assessment, or a Solution Recommendation. Platform Services points are intended for partner use only. Please refer to the Platform Services Terms and Conditions for more information.

Joint Marketing & Account Planning Activities

Gold partners have an Impinj Channel Sales Manager who becomes the primary interface for all sales eorts: providing strategic account input, driving sales support requests, and providing overall direction for sales eorts. Impinj works closely with Gold partners to develop an account plan that includes joint sales and marketing activities. Impinj will contribute marketing funds to Gold partners based on the account plan and the partner’s performance.

Lead Referrals

Leads gathered through the Impinj corporate website and other marketing activities will be distributed to Gold partners based on their capabilities and target market. Assigned leads are passed through the Impinj Partner Portal to the contact provided by the partner. The partner is required to: 1. Accept or reject assigned leads within 24 hours 2. Respond to the lead within four business hours (cc: Impinj) 3. Provide monthly reporting on lead status

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Impinj (NASDAQ: PI) wirelessly connects billions of everyday items such as apparel, medical supplies, and automobile parts to consumer and business applications such as inventory management, patient safety, and asset tracking. The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID to deliver timely information about these items to the digital world, thereby enabling the Internet of Things.

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