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Datamars Textile ID and Impinj Officially Seal Their Strategic Partnership in the RAIN RFID Laundry Market

Datamars Textile ID, leading global supplier of RFID solutions for industrial laundries, today officially announced its strategic partnership in the laundry market with Impinj.

Seattle, WA May 31, 2017 - Datamars Textile ID, leading global supplier of RFID-based identification solutions for industrial laundries, today officially announced its strategic partnership in the laundry market with Impinj, a leading provider of RAIN RFID solutions.

Datamars and Impinj will collaborate to bring the laundry market continuous progress and innovations. This partnership indeed combines Datamars’ unsurpassed expertise in the industrial laundry vertical segment with Impinj’s platform based on RAIN RFID and best-in-class know-how, to deliver new RAIN RFID-based solutions with a higher added value: the most advanced technological content deployed in ID solutions perfectly customized for the needs and features of the industrial laundry field.

In the last years, more and more laundries have been implementing RAIN RFID systems not only to reach higher productivity and to avoid linen losses, but also to offer to their end-customers new RAIN RFID-based commercial concepts and services, standing out their offer from competitors.

Thus, nowadays the competitive advantage for modern industrial laundries is granted by being equipped with the best-in-class laundry-applied RAIN RFID technology available on the market, choosing the right RAIN RFID-supplier that can grant them the easy and prompt access to the best solutions and most recent innovations. Being simply RAIN RFID-equipped, on the contrary, has shown not to be sufficient anymore.

This new partnership is particularly aimed to benefit industrial laundries by assuring a continuous and synergistic research and development between the two companies, releasing together new state-of-the-art products and innovative concepts for the laundry market.

Datamars’ last product launch, the new “LaundryChipTM 401”, that integrates Impinj’s state-of-the-art “Monza R6-P” tag chip, is the smart example of this close collaboration. Taking advantage of the Impinj Monza R6-P’s extremely high sensitivity, Datamars’ engineers succeeded in creating the most sensitive and robust LaundryChipTM in the smallest dimensions ever. The revolutionary automatic performance adjustment system embedded in the Impinj Monza R6-P guarantees that the LaundryChipTM 401 exhibits the highest reading performances throughout the whole laundry process.

Together with the transponders, another co-innovation focus area is the readers’ product line: Impinj’s best-in-class Speedway readers are the core of laundry-customized reading systems deployed by Datamars.

Furthermore, Datamars and Impinj have developed together a laundry-specific software layer, running on Impinj readers, which enables laundry managers to quickly deploy the RAIN RFID system, having a plug & play solution. This specific software layer named “Standalone” is enhanced with laundry-specific features that increase the reading reliability and allows Laundries using Low and High Frequency (LF and HF) RFID technology to smoothly transition to UHF technology, now referred to as RAIN RFID.

“As we enter a new era of RFID-centric processes, characterized by mature markets, companies must join their forces and different expertise to co-innovate and anticipate their customers’ needs. This close collaboration between our companies allows the prompt deployment of the last break-through technologies to the laundry field.” said Mr. Riccardo Mazzolini, Datamars Textile ID General Manager. “By combining Datamars’ laundry market expertise with Impinj’s technologic one, we can identify together new exciting business opportunities, creating innovative RAIN RFID-based concepts and services, with the guarantee, thanks to Impinj, to offer to our customers the best technology available on the market.”

“Automating processes, improving timeliness of services, and reducing inventory shrinkage help laundry facilities maximize their profits and deliver quality service to customers,” said Larry Arnstein, VP of Solutions and Business Development at Impinj. “The Datamars and Impinj solution was developed for those customer needs and brings together the strength of the Impinj platform with Datamars’ excellence and expertise in industrial laundry.”

About Datamars

Datamars Textile ID is one of the leading global suppliers of RFID-based identification solutions. With almost 30 years of innovation and leadership in RFID, Datamars is a pioneer in electronic textile identification solutions for the industrial laundry process, developing important RFID-based patents & trademarks, inventing the LaundryChipTM in 1990, and offering today the most complete range of RFID identification solutions.

Datamars is an ISO 9001 certified company and represents one of the few fully-integrated players in the RFID industry.

Please visit for more information about Datamars.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

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