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Impinj Launches RAIN RFID Retail Solutions with Detego, Inmotion and Nedap

New retail solutions, built on Impinj’s market-leading RAIN RFID platform, deliver item-level visibility, inventory intelligence and interactive shopping experiences

Seattle, WA November 18, 2015 - Impinj, Inc. today announced the first solutions in its retail portfolio, built in collaboration with partners Detego, Nedap and Inmotion. Based on the Impinj platform, these end-to-end solutions answer the needs of retailers looking to improve store operations, deliver exceptional customer experience and improve sales. 

The solutions deliver item-level visibility and in-store analytics with Detego, inventory intelligence with Nedap, and interactive visual displays with Inmotion. Impinj plans to continue adding solutions to its retail portfolio, as well as introduce portfolios for other industries. 

The solutions are built on the Impinj platform, which comprises endpoints (tag chips that uniquely identify items), connectivity (readers and gateways that wirelessly identify the items) and software. The Impinj platform is the most comprehensive and widely deployed RAIN RFID platform. It gives businesses the ability to implement one infrastructure and leverage Item Intelligence – item identity, location and authenticity – in any number of enterprise applications to run their business and deliver compelling consumer experiences.

“We fundamentally believe that working with partners to deliver solutions makes purchasing and deploying RAIN RFID easier for businesses,” said Eric Brodersen, Impinj President and COO. “We have been pleased by the response of innovative companies like Detego, Nedap and Inmotion in partnering and solving end-customer business challenges. We look forward to bringing more solutions to market.” 

Achieve Real-Time Item-Level Visibility and In-Store Analytics with Impinj and Detego

The Impinj and Detego solution delivers intelligent item-level article management and in-store analytics through complete, real-time supply-chain visibility. The solution delivers insights to store managers about merchandise flow and product availability, allowing them to minimize markdowns.

The solution helps apparel companies receive accurate inventory information and track goods from point-of manufacturing to point-of-sale. The resulting benefits for retailers include increased delivery accuracy and fewer mis shipments, reduced processing costs, and improved inventory accuracy thereby leading to more sales.

“Fashion retailers need to know in real time what is going on in their supply chain and in the stores. This is the only way to keep margins high and beat the competition. We are happy to see such innovative products from Impinj supporting our fashion customers implementing real-time data analytics and intelligent merchandise management,” said Uwe Hennig, Detego CEO.

Implement Always-on Inventory Management with Impinj and Nedap

Together, Impinj and Nedap developed an affordable, always on inventory intelligence solution that continuously counts and reconciles store inventory. Today, customers demand and expect more from retailers including accurate inventory and fast order fulfillment. To meet these expectations, retailers need near real-time visibility into their available inventory. The Impinj platform and Nedap !D Cloud application work together to provide retailers with 24/7 inventory updates that can be reconciled with existing ERP systems.

The solution is simple to use, leveraging cloud-based software. It increases store sales with improved inventory visibility. It reduces labor cost and operational inefficiencies from manual cycle counts and undirected replenishment. It also eliminates the excess inventory that stores traditionally employ to compensate for inaccurate inventory visibility.

“Partnering with Impinj to extend our !D Cloud software platform was the next logical step for Nedap,” stated Rob Schuurman, Managing Director at Nedap Retail. “The joint inventory intelligence solution perfectly fits our vision of making it simple for retailers to deploy RAIN RFID solutions by offering affordable plug-and-play solutions that give retailers the much needed insight into actual inventory levels in their stores.”

Create Compelling In-Store Product Displays with Impinj and Inmotion

Impinj and Inmotion joined forces to deliver interactive visual displays that engage customers, help convert product sales and give visibility into shopper behavior. The display solution integrates with existing product-information-management (PIM) systems. It also provides monitoring to improve suggestive selling and conversion factors.

Consumer brands and stores need to capture the attention of busy shoppers and build a consumer and brand relationship with new experiences. With a customizable brand experience, the solution provides a meaningful connection to the brand with targeted and engaging content in the store.

“We learned early that there are three core components to a successful experience in retail; solid technology, creative implementation and immersing the solution with the brand,” said Frederick Bleckmann, Creative Technologist at Inmotion. “In joining with core partners like Impinj, Inmotion delivers impactful results to our clients.”

To inquire about retail solutions based on the Impinj platform, please visit

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About Detego 

Detego is a leading provider of software products and solutions to the fashion industry using real time data technology like RFID. The company offers solutions enabling customers to improve their efficiency and security within their supply chain, logistics and asset-tracking operations. Detego’s market-proven software modules support standardized business processes in distribution, transportation and retail. Fashion retailers know where their products are and sell more. An integrated data analytic tool helps retailers to better manage their merchandise. Flexible and scalable modules allow a rapid and effective implementation of RFID projects. The company offers RFID solutions that address operational efficiency and incremental business opportunities. With a wide range of partner Detego offers Global rollout, service & support. For more information, visit

About Nedap

Nedap brings 40 years of global experience, market expertise and close cooperation with leading retailers. Everything we do is driven by our mission to make it simple for retailers to always have the right products available. To achieve this, we offer industry-leading solutions for our customers’ diverse needs in loss prevention and stock management. For more information, visit

About Inmotion

In creating an improved retail experience for the consumer, Inmotion allows the branding and product interaction to be intensely personal. Various technologies are synced so that
the consumer is able to be absorbed in a web-like experience via responsive smartscreen while holding the product. Brand context, technical specifications, and social trending data can be delivered with each product selection so that the customer experiences the product’s story. Inmotion also provides marketing, store managers, and floor staff access to real-time visitor and buying trends. Analytics are provided in daily reports that show consumer activity prior to purchase and promotional effectiveness.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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Impinj (NASDAQ: PI) helps businesses and people analyze, optimize, and innovate by wirelessly connecting billions of everyday things—such as apparel, automobile parts, luggage, and shipments—to the Internet. The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID to deliver timely data about these everyday things to business and consumer applications, enabling a boundless Internet of Things. 

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