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Drive sales, improve operations and delight customers

Leading retailers implement the Impinj platform as foundational technology to increase sales, provide context and capture data for engaging in-store customer experiences and analytics. Impinj delivers an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, based on RAIN RFID, by connecting billions of retail items to the Internet. In fact, RAIN RFID can improve inventory visibility by more than 25 percent.

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Is there a return on investment for RAIN RFID in Retail?

Retailers are implementing RAIN RFID to increase sales, streamline omnichannel operations and provide customers with new ways of engaging with their products. Are these projects only strategic or is there ROI to be gained?

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Inventory Accuracy

Best-In-Class Omnichannel Operations

Sell when, where and how customers want to buy. Achieve 99% accurate inventory data across all stores and distribution centers. With confidence in system-wide inventory, retailers keep stores well stocked and maximize their online assortment. Stores become virtual fulfillment centers housing distributed inventory. Best of all, retailers decrease working capital with little need to overstock.

Operate Stores at Peak Efficiency

Take store inventory instantly, any time, without disturbing shoppers. Know where items are located. Maximize sales during peak times with optimized stock levels. Find the perfect balance between product availability, inventory levels and staff effort. Increase margin by decreasing inventory. Sell down to the last item.

Impinj Partner Solutions

Impinj IoT Connector for SAP Hybris Commerce Suite

Empower omnichannel operations with accurate, real-time inventory data from the Impinj IoT Connector for SAP Hybris Commerce.

Optimize Retail Operations for Fast Fashion Retailers

Retail Reload and Impinj have created a RAIN RFID solution specifically designed to optimize omnichannel operations for fashion retailers who need up-to-the-minute inventory insights to run their businesses.

Always-On Retail Inventory Intelligence

Continuously count and reconcile store inventory with an affordable, always-on inventory intelligence solution from Impinj and Nedap.

Inventory Intelligence for Fine & Fashion Jewelry

Efficiently count and reconcile store inventory with an affordable inventory intelligence solution from Impinj, Nedap and Data2.

Retail Inventory Intelligence and Supply Chain Management

Gain a competitive advantage with real-time information about store inventory with the Impinj and Detego solution.


When talking “Analytics”, retailers address online shops, but forget their top-sellers: the physical stores

Uwe Hennig, CEO of Detego, shares more about how retailers can counter an analytical imbalance between their online shops and physical brick and mortar stores.

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Enhanced Shopper Experience

Delight retail shoppers with innovative and informative experiences

The modern shopper has high expectations about customer service and product availability. The Impinj platform allows for automatic and immediate identification of any item. This concept takes power when brought into the retail environment where customers are interacting with products.

  • Interactive magic mirrors and smart fitting rooms that identify products in proximity and respond with relevant information and offers
  • Automated self-checkout that instantly recognizes and adds up all items
  • Instant access to extended product information and endless aisle ordering
  • Inventory location maps that identify the location and movement of a specific item

Impinj Partner Solutions

Interactive, Digital Product Displays for Retail Stores and Consumer Brands

Stores and brands engage shoppers, improve experience and drive sales with interactive, in-store product displays from Impinj and InMotion.

Interactive Fitting Room Mirror with RAIN RFID

Creating innovative customer experiences and capturing insightful shopper intelligence with RAIN RFID fitting room mirrors from Impinj and Oak Labs.

Interactive 3D Maps with RAIN RFID

The Mappedin + Impinj solution enhances shopper experiences by using interactive 3D maps to help consumers and staff navigate stores and find specific items.


How Innovative Retailers are Transforming the Shopping Experience – Future Stores Conference Update

RAIN RFID isn’t just for inventory accuracy. Withme uses the Impinj platform in a wide range of in-store experiences as part of a complete reimagining of physical retail.

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Brand and Loss Protection

Protect against loss, theft and counterfeiting

The Impinj platform provides a new way to think about protecting retail inventory and assets. By identifying each item individually, retailers can go beyond an alarm at the door – they can know which specific item has left the premises. And, the Impinj platform can also be used to identify whether an item is authentic or to access additional information about the source and supply route. All this comes together to provide the details that are missing from current loss prevention technologies.

Impinj Partner Solutions

Ensure the Authenticity of Your Products and Protect your Brand

Protect your brand from counterfeiting and criminal activities using RAIN RFID technology from Impinj and TexTrace.


Fashion Retailer Vivienne Westwood Uses RAIN RFID to Combat Counterfeiting

To combat grey market activity, fashion retailer Vivienne Westwood is using woven RAIN RFID labels to tag their products.

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Drive smart business decisions with accurate, real-time data

Integrating accurate data about the location, movement, history and identity of products in a retail store provides entirely new and meaningful data that can be used to drive intelligent business decisions about merchandising plans, purchasing behavior, point of sale, and replenishment.

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Increasing Retail Profits Without New Stores

The omnichannel shopper has shone a bright light on inventory issues because failures can’t be swept under the rug.

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Learn More About RAIN RFID

New to RAIN RFID? Read our RFID Technology Primer to learn how it works and the basics about standards.

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Impinj is the leading provider of RAIN RFID solutions that provide Item Intelligence in retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and beverage, manufacturing and supply chain logistics, and many other industries.